President Vows To Find Those ‘3 Million Illegal Voters’

Petulant Trump, the Velveeta Raccoon, ‘Glorious Leader’ and liar in chief of the Divided States
of ‘Murica  seen here looking for those ‘missing 3 million illegal crooked Hillary voters’

“If I have to golf every course in America, which by the way is way more awesomer, freedom filled and bigly since I became ruler, I will find those 3 million illegals that crooked Hillary snuck into the country through her Mars based, child pornography/slave ring pizzerias, I will damnit!” the petulant one exclaimed before wandering off and climbing into the wrong limo at the airport. The Prima Donnie, or ‘Samsung Note 7’ as he is referred to by his Secret Service detail was then hurriedly bum rushed into the appropriate waiting limo and whisked away for his afternoon meds and nap. He rolled down the window and shouted “I’m president and you’re all NOT!” as the car sped away.


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