This Week In The Really White House

“This Week In The Really White House”, the new Fox reality/horror show starring Velveeta Bullshiticus as “the ever sniveling Dongald”, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions lll as “the enraged elf”, the world’s greatest Trump impersonator Anthony “I can suck my own cock just like Steve Bannon” Scaramucci as “the wannabe hitman” and Rank Penis as “the punching bag cuck boy.” It was quite the week kids, quite the week …

First up we had the dismissal of Sean “the bushman” Sphincter, long time Trump fellator and spin man extraordinaire … the best flack man EVER! PERIOD!
baghdad sean

The president celebrated the success of his latest deal, Trumpian Hellcare … oops … sad!

The Trumpsterfire (seen here performing his famous ‘presidential pussy grab’) did everything he could to get Jeff Sessions to resign, but alas Jeffy stood his ground …

So Donnie Bad Touch brought in Anthony “the Mooch” Scaramucci, a man known far and wide for his ability to suck his own cock (and presumably the Glorious Leader’s as well) to ‘straighten out the white house communications staff’ …

And the Moochers first target was Rank Penis, the ‘chief o’ stuff’ …
Reince Priebus by hip is everything

Resident Rump also took a few minutes out of his busy schedule to regale the Boy Scouts of America with his tales of rich fuck orgies on yachts and “really hot people” he knows … he even led them in some rousing boos and jeering of the last real president of the United States, Barack Obama, and treated them to a rehash of his “amazing, tremendous, greatest electoral college victory ever” and passed out electoral college maps to all the kiddies as momentos of “their meeting with the Glorious Leader” …
trump greets scouts

All the while the Prima Donnie worked tirelessly on his “agenda” …

at least Jared and Ivanka stayed quiet this week (well except for that little testifying/lying/amnesia thing Jared tried with congress) …

and Rudy “911! 911! 911!” Giuliani was STILL on the outside looking in …
giuliani shut out

Quite the week, stay tuned …




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