While i may offer opinions that are admittedly, a little bit “left” of center, and I consider myself to be very happily way left of center it is never my intention to convince, only to offer an opinion, and to hopefully cause some debate … Personally, I’m pro choice, anti death penalty, pro equal marriage and for equal rights for EVERYONE. I am strongly anti NRA and believe in much stricter gun laws than apply at present. I am an atheist who believes in freedom to practice whatever ‘religious’ beliefs one may have, as long as you keep your stuff to yourself. No proselytizing, no problem. Easy.
I am a believer in science, facts, evolution, global warming/climate change, the need to move quickly away from fossil fuels and the right of all to live in and pass on a clean planet with breathable air and drinkable water. I believe in public education, financial opportunity and free/affordable health care as a right for all. But, that’s me, so, now you know where I’m coming from, and  as far as I’m concerned, you can be whoever the hell you wanna be. We can still work all this shit out together.
I  feel very strongly that an informed person is a far more powerful and trustworthy person than one who is only opinionated, or worse, blinded and driven by ideology alone. It is with these words of explanation that I offer my fare. If you’re interested in joining in, then by all means, drop me a rant, note, musing or muttering whether it’s from the left or the right. I’d love it if you did. Even if you hate what gets said here, and you couldn’t agree less, all the more reason to let me know, and let’s try some discussion, or something stupid like that. So, get involved, it’s your life, and if ya’ miss it, there’s no second chance for any of us. Unless yer’ counting on coming back as a house plant or an alpaca or something. If that’s where yer’ at, then by all means, piss ‘er away at will, but, leave the rest of us be, okay? We’re busy here trying to fix some messes and all that yappin’ and bullshit is getting in the way of some pretty hard working and deeply caring citizens who are hard at work. Okay?
So anyways, thanks for droppin’ in, please come again!
Safe journeys my friends.

Occupy Everywhere

“Let’s Go” – blueroom        thx 2 Charlie Park – Vox        © 2011  B.Graham  NaZZ-0 mUsiC

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6 thoughts on “about

  1. Pretty Cool Music Brett. I liked Bryns Grins and Sittin on a Rock. Will have to give the other tunes a listen one day.

  2. Love the site and all the info you provide, kept me entertained and informed while I was sick at home.
    But one question …… where did all your music go ??? WTF Bert ?? Am I just blind or am I just sidetracked by all the stuff to see on your site ???
    If your music is not on this site ….. it should be !
    Love ya and miss ya …… Hope you are well ???

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