The Steele Dossier

As the smell of treason fills the air, one document keeps popping up.
It is known as the Steele Dossier after the British Intelligence Agent who compiled it …
It was originally commissioned by an unknown GOP operative to be used as “opposition research” during the 2016 GOP primaries …

The Steele Dossier – What is it?
In January, BuzzFeed News published an intelligence dossier developed by a former British MI6 intelligence officer who was deemed credible by U.S. intelligence officials. The dossier raises profoundly disturbing questions about whether there was improper contact between the Trump campaign and the Russian government and about the existence of compromising personal and financial information about Donald Trump. At the time BuzzFeed published the dossier, it acknowledged that the allegations it contained were “unverified” and that the document contained “some clear errors.”
BuzzFeed’s decision to publish the dossier has itself attracted a lot of attention. The dossier is part of ongoing lawsuits filed by parties named in the dossier and may be part of congressional investigations.
Since publishing the dossier, reports indicate that the dossier is “gaining credibility among law enforcement,” with U.S. investigators having “corroborated some of the communications” detailed in the document. The potential danger of the allegations the dossier contains, if true, demands a thorough and independent investigation—an investigation that Republicans in Congress have so far refused to carry out.

A full, largely un-redacted copy in pdf form may be found/downloaded HERE …

The Scam



And now, as I write this, the Freedom Caucus zealots are meeting with the Velveeta Raccoon to see if they can’t get rid of  more of your Medicaid and pesky little things like:

  • Outpatient care without a hospital admission, known as ambulatory patient services
  • Emergency services
  • Hospitalization
  • Pregnancy, maternity, and newborn care
  • Mental health and substance use disorder services, including counseling and psychotherapy
  • Prescription drugs
  • Rehabilitative and habilitative services and devices, which help people with injuries and disabilities to recover
  • Laboratory services
  • Preventive care, wellness services, and chronic disease management
  • Pediatric services, including oral and vision care for children

The CBO has now released data showing that the Republican health care bill raises premiums for older, poor Americans by more than 750%. The American Health Care Act would make a low-income 64-year-old in the individual market pay more than half his income for health insurance.
The long and short of all this is that the Republican-backed American Health Care Act would be totally devastating to older Americans who rely on the individual market for insurance, and pretty much everyone else.

The Well Oiled Machine – Day 60

baghdad sean
Baghdad Sean Sphincter denying everything at today’s presser, “It’s ALL Obama’s fault.”

On Monday afternoon, during a break in what turned out to be several hours of incredibly damning evidence/statements made by FBI Director James Comey regarding a plethora of Trump campaign and administration lies and criminality, Baghdad Sean Sphincter demanded people stop trying to find evidence of collusion between the Russian government and the Trump campaign. “Just stop it, all of you, NOW! It’s all just FAKE NEWS!!” ”Just because there’s an investigation doesn’t mean that they are looking at anything, and investigating it and having proof of it are two different things, and you can’t prove anything! So there!” Spicer said.
The much beleaguered press secretary and ‘Chief Prevaricator to the Petulant’ then screamed at the press for 48 straight minutes before collapsing to the floor in the fetal position, heaving and sobbing behind his podium. It was at this point that fellow liar and Bad Touch Donnie sycophant Kellyanne Conway ran into the room and began kicking and pummeling Sphincter, screaming “Stay down bitch! The job’s mine now. Who’s yer’ daddy you feckless bitch boy? Who’s yer’ fucking daddy now?” before leaping up to say “Anyone have any fucking microwave questions now? Huh? Anyone? Huh?”

When asked for a comment on the press room spectacle clusterfu  shit show incident, and who is really running the show in the press room Petulant Rump responded by tweeting the following …


The Petulant was last seen “working on serious stuff” in the Oval Office, and was “unavailable for comment at the present time.”


When Tin Foil Hats Are Not Enough

Aides Wrestle Drill From Trump’s Hands As He Tries To Remove Obama Listening Device From Skull

WASHINGTON—Rushing toward the president as he pressed the eight-inch bit into his temple, several White House aides managed to wrestle a drill from Donald Trump’s hand Monday while he attempted to remove Obama’s listening device from his skull. “Obama implanted a microphone inside my head to record everything I say!” Trump reportedly shouted shortly before three White House staffers pinned him to the floor and pried apart his fingers to seize the power tool. “You don’t understand, he can hear everything we’re saying! Obama can even hear my thoughts! I have to get it out! I can feel it! I can feel it! I can feel it!” At press time, staffers were panicking after Trump locked himself in the bathroom and began cutting his stomach open with a razor blade in an attempt to find the tracking chip he said The New York Times had put in his food.    from the Onion

‘Welfare King’ Abuses System

Able-Bodied Senior Who Watches TV All Day Receives Free Government Meals

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—An able-bodied senior citizen who refuses to do anything but watch television receives three free government meals every day, according to reports.
The senior, who has three piping-hot meals wheeled up to him each day, reportedly has no intention of working and prefers to fill his hours watching cable news.
Even more outrageously, the recipient of the meals spends most weekends in Florida, where the flow of free government food continues without interruption.
Harland Dorrinson, the executive director of the Center for Benefit Reduction, a think tank that focuses on reducing federal benefits, called the individual’s consumption of free government meals “the worst abuse of the system I’ve ever seen.”
by Andy Borowitz

trump prepping 4 debate

New Executive Order

It's that fucking Velveeta Raccoon again ... arrgghh!!!

Bad Touch Donnie, Petulant of the United States, seen here signing a new Executive Order today to ‘get some new fucking drapes and wallpaper’ at Mar-a-Lago. Like seriously people, check out that “wall” behind him, and you’re gonna trust this grifter/paranoid delusional/old fuck to build THE wall, the “amazing wall with a big beautiful door” in it??? Seriously???  If this senile old prick had any thing to do with the decorations at his “southern White house”, that one the “Mexicans are gunna pay for” should be a real thing of beauty.
I don’t get it, it’s like yer’ drunk, angry, pervy, sociopathic, demented, old, prevaricating prick of a grandpa, who has repeatedly bankrupted every single family member, wants to run the family company, and the fam just goes “Oh, okay. What could possibly go wrong?”

Welcome to Trumplanidia, a Putirump Company

Step Back for the Bigger Picture

Must read piece by Josh Marshall …
and go here to get more of his stuff … a great site, much needed in a strange time.

Step Back for the Bigger Picture

By Josh Marshall Published March 18, 2017

Two weeks ago today, President Trump went on Twitter and leveled a series of accusations against former President Obama, most notably that Obama had wiretapped his phones in Trump Tower. The claim has been roundly criticized ever since. Notably, it came on the heels of a new round of damaging revelations about ties between Trump’s entourage and Russia. We’ve now had formal inquiries from the congressional intelligence committees, statements from the Department of Justice and the FBI, a follow on attempt by Trump and Spicer to redefine what the President actually said.

We know this much of the story. But this is a case where the particularity of the story, the minutiae of intelligence officials’ denials, discussions of what authority a president might theoretically have to do such a thing all conspire together to confuse rather than illuminate what happened.

The real story here is that the President, by force of his office and audacity, was able to inject into the national conversation a preposterous claim which the country has spent two weeks debating. True, most people may not believe it. But virtually everyone has gone through the motions of probing the question as though they might be true. Intelligence communities have been briefed, statements have been made, a number of news conferences have been dominated by it. Perhaps most notably, members of his party have only been willing to say that there is as yet no evidence to back up the President’s claims – not that they are obviously false and represent a major problem in themselves.

I would say that this ability – both the President’s pathological lying and our institutions’ inability to grapple with it – is the big, big story. The particulars of the accusation basically pale in comparison.

Also note how these lies have spread. The need to perpetuate the lie has made it necessary to escalate it. In an attempt to work around the uniform denials of every US government agency that does ‘wire-taps’, Press Secretary Sean Spicer was forced to grasp on to the rantings of a Fox News ‘legal analyst’ who claimed that President Obama had used British intelligence to sidestep US legal strictures. Repeating this claim with the imprimatur of the White House triggered a minor but real diplomatic incident with the United Kingdom, which may not yet be settled.

Continuing to defend the baseless claim required Trump to revisit the story in his press conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, both doubling down on the claim and also passing the buck to Fox News and creating the surreal spectacle of suggesting that he, like Merkel, was the victim of the very intelligence services and law enforcement agencies which he in fact now leads.

While most have dismissed the President’s claims, it is still the case that he has been allowed to drive public debate for two weeks over an obvious lie. Members of his party will not denounce it as a lie or even obviously false. That’s a big problem. Without being overly dramatic, this is a warning case of people in power deciding what’s true and false which is a harbinger of free government dying.

Josh Marshall is editor and publisher of

If there were any moderate Republicans they’d change parties to block this grifter and his friend’s destruction of America.
There are no moderate Republicans. They’re all him.
This IS who these people are, and the sooner everyone wakes up to that admittedly rather harsh realization, the better. The United States may look completely different than any America most have known. And if history is any indicator, it may takes decades to put it back together, and that’s AFTER these thieves finally give it back.
Plus, that kid just ain’t right in the head.

D-Bag of the Week … The “Hey Granny, I Really Hope You Like Cat Food” Edition

dbag of the week award by hip is everything

Because the douchebaggery has not abated in any way since our last d-bag award, and all the sliminess and slithering that passes for sentient behavior in the so-called corridors of power still seem to be as rampant as ever, it must be time to single out our d-bag of the week … and, as all good deeds truly deserve some kind of reward, it’s that time again. And (insert favorite deity here) knows, we certainly did have another week chock bloody full of scheming, lying politicians, incoherent, ass kissing, dog whistle blowing, incessantly blathering, windbag broadcasters, greedy, glamour glomming grifters and pointless, prevaricating and pontificating pricks. So, it’s time to answer the question that is on everyone’s mind. Just who took their act to the lowest of the low, the worst of the worst, the slimiest of the slimy, the doucheyist of the douchey? … are those even freakin’ words? … they are now i guess.
Who was the king or queen of douchebaggery in the last seven days?
Who was the grandest douche rocket of the bunch?
It was, as always, a week that was, full of some of the slimiest, sleaziest, slithering, scuzzball serpents the world of poll pandering, petulant and pithy partisan politics, fanatical, frenzied, far fetched faith freaks, and the exorbitant, exaggerated and exuberant elitist acquisitiveness, avarice and avidity that the preening power pricks(aka politics, religion and corporatocracy) has to offer. And this week was as bad as every other lately, the norm these days it seems, with more than it’s fair share of despicable, degenerate douche bag dancing, misogynistic, mean-minded and mendacious maneuvers, slimy, sickening, sleaze-ball slithering, repugnant, reprehensible, repulsive and revolting rantings and railings, and an out and out torrent of treasonous talk and treacherous temper tantrums.
Especially by the so-called “family values” gang over on the right and their bat shit crazy, bullshit bellowing, ideologically inane, greedy and groveling, greasy grifters and their prevaricating, petulant, pompous and pointlessly pious proponents. In the end, as we always do, we found our winner. And a rather deserving one, if I do say so myself.
And even though this week’s douche-off was not without a copiously crammed cornucopia of conniving, classless, clueless, crass and cretinous challengers to that majestic mantle of  mediocrity, mendacity, meandering mindlessness and missteps we like to call the ‘d-bag of the week’, we do have a distinct winner.
And who is the doucheyist of ‘em all this week?
Who took their doucherocketry to dizzying new heights, surpassing all the grease and sleeze that was raining down all around them over on Doucheville Isle?
The envelope please … 

Our winner … of  the always deserved … rarely accepted …
dbag of the week tag by hip is everything

is ……….
Mick ‘the Miser’ Mulvaney …
for his stellar work on the Trump Bludgeon Budget

Trump Budget Proposal Kills Meals on Wheels …
WASHINGTON ― The Trump administration wants to cut funding for a program that delivers food to senior citizens because it isn’t worth the money, according to President Donald Trump’s budget director. 

Meals on Wheels and other programs “are just not showing any results,” Mulvaney said. “We can’t do that anymore.“We can’t spend money on programs just because they sound good and great,” Mick Mulvaney said Thursday, referring to Meals on Wheels, a program that uses volunteers to deliver warm meals to more than 1 million older Americans in their homes every week.

The Trump administration outlined a budget proposal Thursday that would increase military spending by $54 billion and offset the expense with cuts to a plethora of domestic programs.

So, let me get this straight, America can spend 3+ million a weekend so Prima Donnie can go hide out at his Florida Estate and golf every week, and 180 million or more a year so Melania can hide from POTUS POS in New York, plus the demon seeds he calls his spawn can get jetted around the planet with full secret service support, but”no way Jose” as far as Granny getting fed.
WTF is up with that?
Doucherocketry at it’s absolute peak …
Fucking grifters, the whole lot of them.

meals on wheels

Word Salad – The 25th Amendment Evidence Edition – Part 2743

word salad opening by hip is everything

First we have the tweet a week and a half ago by the idiot on Pennsylvania Avenue (only, it was the weekend so it came from the idiot’s Florida weekend hideaway, because, well, weekend) where he accuses his predecessor of an impeachable, jailable offense without ANY proof. Next up is 10 days of Sean Sphincter doing “air quotes” at the White House pressroom podium like he was some kinda bad community hall dance teacher tossing jazz hands, then we get Sewer Rat Barbie Conway blathering incomprehensibly about “microwaves that turn into cameras” spying on the Velveeta Raccoon.
Now, we have the apricot asshole and Liar in Chief rambling on about God know what with the always apoplectic Tucker Carlson about well, I have no fucking idea, you figure it out. If you can.

It is hard to fully explain in the limited space I have here how ridiculous, petty, delusional, uninformed and desperate the Petulant of the United States looks during this interview. The full interview is worth watching to fully understand the full extent of Trump’s utter disregard and outright contempt for the truth, but here’s a couple of snippets to sort of give you an idea of just how bizarre (and yup kid, downright fucking scary) this is all becoming.

Carlson: So on March 4th, 6:35 in the morning, you’re down in Florida, and you tweet, the former administration wiretapped me, surveilled me, at Trump Tower during the last election. How did you find out? You said, I just found out. How did you learn that?

Trump: Well, I’ve been reading about things. I read in, I think it was Jan. 20th, a New York Times article where they were talking about wiretapping. There was an article. I think they used that exact term. I read other things. I watched your friend Bret Baier the day previous where he was talking about certain very complex sets of things happening, and wiretapping. I said, wait a minute, there’s a lot of wiretapping being talked about. I’ve been seeing a lot of things. Now, for the most part, I’m not going to discuss it, because we have it before the committee and we will be submitting things before the committee very soon that hasn’t been submitted as of yet. But it’s potentially a very serious situation.

Carlson: Why not wait to tweet about it until you can prove it? Don’t you devalue your words when you can’t provide evidence?

Trump: Well, because the New York Times wrote about it. Not that I respect the New York Times. I call it the failing New York Times. But they did write on Jan. 20th using the word wiretap. Other people have come out with…

Carlson: Right, but you’re the president. You have the ability to gather all the evidence you want.

Trump: I do. I do. But I think that frankly we have a lot right now. And I think if you watch—if you watched the Bret Baier and what he was saying and what he was talking about and how he mentioned the word “wiretap,” you would feel very confident that you could mention the name. He mentioned it. And other people have mentioned it. But if you take a look at some of the things written about wiretapping and eavesdropping… and don’t forget I say wiretapping, those words were in quotes. That really covers—because wiretapping is pretty old-fashioned stuff—but that really covers surveillance and many other things. And nobody ever talks about the fact that it was in quotes, but that’s a very important thing. But wire tape covers a lot of different things. I think you’re going to find some very interesting items coming to the forefront over the next two weeks.

srslySeriously peeps?
This is the leader of the free world?
We’re all gunna die, aren’t we?
”Fuck me Mabel, that kid just ain’t right in the head”