gop to base … let ‘em eat fake

an interesting piece has popped up at showing that not only was the romney/ryan campaign spending their days lying to the public about just about everything, but that the right wing media was also engaged in the deception …
and still is …
no news there folks, but still, it’s always nice to be able to show it in black and white …
and important too, if we’re ever going to make the changes to the media/politico structure that are so desperately needed …
as discussed in a piece last week called
“life in the bubble”, the right wing media seems to thrive on the dumbing down and “spoon-fed” ignorance of it’s base, and in the piece “an open letter to conservatives” the results of those lies and the price the right paid for them in this year’s election was shown to be as obvious as an erection in a vagina parade …
now, with president obama and his fellow democrats about to embark on their latest foray into the “gop bubble-land of magical thinking and arithmetic” to try to find fixes to the country’s economic woes, i believe that it is vitally important that the public have it’s voice heard and it’s views known …
and it is doubly important that the president and his allies hear that voice and use it as their ammunition in what is sure to be an upcoming fight to the finish against recalcitrance and obstructionism …
john boehner and mitch mcconnell are already signalling that they are going to continue the “just say no to everything” campaign that they have used the last four years …
that they will continue to hold the country hostage economically to further try to protect the 1% and their tax breaks …
now we have this story showing up that gives the president all the ammunition he needs to put an end to this fight, once and for all, and if the president really means what he says about standing up for the middle class and those trying to break from poverty and break into the middle class …
ad it comes from the most conservative of conservative sources, newsmax
wave it in their faces and take it to the people mr. president …
and take the advice of newly re-elected alan grayson and “don’t back down an inch” …

the study, which seems to have been covered up and kept from the public, asked the following …

do you favor significant cuts to medicare?
Yes, cut Medicare significantly 91,174 ( 09%)
No, don’t cut Medicare significantly 894,105 ( 90%)

86% of respondents wanted to lower the federal deficit by cutting taxes and/or spending and  90% of respondents (almost 900,000 people) opposed significant cuts to medicare
also, 67% of respondents (965,774) said “No, don’t repeal it at all” in response to “Do you support the full repeal of President Obama’s healthcare plan Congress passed in 2010?”.

todays gop by hip is everything
Right wing website Newsmax suppresses embarrassing survey results about Medicare

by Don Smith @ washington liberals

Right wing website Newsmax held a survey in which they asked whether to cut Medicare. Respondents overwhelmingly responded, No, don’t cut Medicare. So Newsmax removed those results and replaced them with results of a question founded upon a lie.
Below are the original results (copied from here). First they asked a question about cutting the deficit; then they asked about cutting Medicare.
To close the federal deficit, Congress and the President should:

Raise taxes  85,099( 08%)
Cut spending  274,206( 27%)
Cut taxes and cut spending  593,479( 59%)
Raise taxes and increase spending  38,066( 03%)
Do you favor significant cuts to Medicare?
Yes, cut Medicare significantly  91,174( 09%)
No, don’t cut Medicare significantly  894,105( 90%)

The results above were copied from’s survey page: SurveyResults. I reported on them on Oct 24th here.
But if you visit the Newsmax SurveyResults page now, you’ll not see the question or results for “Do you favor significant cuts to Medicare?”.
This strongly suggests that Newsmax removed the results because they didn’t like them. Instead, now they present the question “Should Congress restore $500 billion in Medicare benefits for seniors that the Obama plan cut?”, for which 68% of respondents (961,924) said “Yes, restore the Medicare benefits.” This question is, of course, based on a falsehood: that Obama cut $500 billion from Medicare.
See also Newsmax Uses Poll to Spread Lies.
I found other webpages which mentioned the same pro-Medicare results that I had noticed: here and here and here, for example.


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