Dear Ghoul …

Rudy Ghouliani, seen here ‘coming up for air’ during an Oral Office ‘meeting’

found this little gem while wandering the old Interwebz this week …

Hey, Rudy G!!!

RE your recent tweet: “Nancy Pelosi wants an apology for a caricature exaggerating her already halting speech pattern. First she should withdraw her charge which hurts our entire nation when she says the President needs an intervention. People who live in a glass house shouldn’t throw stones.”
Altering a video in order to make Nancy Pelosi appear to be drunk, drugged, or otherwise incapacitated is not “a caricature”. It is a deliberate attempt to mislead the public by representing her as somehow incapable of doing her job.
The fact that the Republicans would actually engage in such despicable behaviour is clearly indicative of their desperation. The fact that your “pResident” would actually disseminate this video himself is just another sign that he has absolutely no respect for the office he holds, nor the maturity to grasp the responsibilities of that office.
Ms. Pelosi’s statement that Trump “needs an intervention” is not a charge – it is a statement of fact, and one with which a growing number of citizens agree. When the so-called ‘leader of the free world’ can’t string two coherent sentences together, declares that the noise from wind turbines causes cancer, states that his Bronx-born father was born in Germany, and demands to know the ‘oranges’ of the Mueller investigation, it seems abundantly clear that the self-proclaimed ‘stable genius’ is just as far from being stable as he is from being a genius.
As for people who live in glass houses, Rudy, you might want to go to YouTube and pull up a few videos of your “pResident’s” public performances. They are rife with ludicrous verbal meanderings, non-sequiturs, and physical mannerisms demonstrative of dementia and/or a myriad of other serious mental issues.
Add into the mix his inane, incomprehensible tweets, his ability to tell over ten thousand easily-debunked lies to the nation, and his insistence that Mueller’s report exonerated him when it says the exact opposite, what you have is an unhinged, paranoid moron, whose every word, every action, and every behaviour supports the notion that ‘an intervention’ is not only called for, but is long overdue.
I think what really sticks in your craw, Rudy, is the obvious fact that your “pResident” looks, acts, and sounds like a buffoon at all times – no film editing, no computer manipulation, no digitally-enhanced exaggeration needed. You GOPers have the need to distort the images of Democratic politicians. We, on the other hand, need only point to actual videos of your “pResident” to make our point.
Just as a by-the-way, Rudy, social media was flooded with altered videos of Hillary during the 2016 campaign, which depicted her as being seriously ill, displaying signs of physical and/or mental incapacity, even having seizures. At the time, it was accepted by many that Russian operatives were solely responsible for the creation and dissemination of these tapes.
But given the altered Pelosi video, we now can’t help but wonder what came first, the Republican chicken or the throwing of Putin’s rotten eggs?
More simply put, did the GOP learn this particular dirty trick from the Russians, or did the Russians learn it from the GOP?
Either way, it no longer matters – because you both own it now.
Yours, with all due respect,
– Nance Greggs

Know Yer’ GOP


We are excited to announce the release of the first cards in our new “Know Yer’ GOP’ playing cards set

Hey Kids!!!

Today’s “Know ‘Yer GOP’ playing card is here …
Over 250 total douchebags, and every one of ’em is a total POS!


Number 001, Mitch McConnell:

mcconnell know yer gop playing card 01

Number 002, Kellyanne Conway:

conway know yer gop playing card 02

Number 003, John ‘I hate the brown ones’ Bolton:

bolton know yer gop playing card 03


En Garde! Texas … (facepalm)

Related image
Austin locals settle their differences over a recent Texans/Cowboys bet. $5 is $5 after all.

AUSTIN – Texas lawmakers have passed legislation lifting the state ban on brass knuckles, kitty keychains and other self defense items. In a move that many Texans are calling “long overdue” and “the only way to really, truly celebrate Friday night football games as they were meant to be enjoyed – with bloodshed and mayhem” the Texas lawmakers who brought you ‘open carry swords’, legal switchblades and ‘flamethrowers for all’ have done it again. Jolene Annamae Smith-Johnson, local drunk, part time meth aficionado/Trump supporter and renowned back alley brawler in some of Austin’s “rougher ‘hoods” remarked that “this is awesome news, I’m jacked up like a monster truck on steroids and ready and rarin’ to go. Now if Y’all could just hurry up and get that silly grenade ban the fuck outta here, then we be rockin’ boys!” She then inexplicably nard-shot our intrepid reporter twice with her steel toed ‘Docs’, ending the interview prematurely. She muttered “Bless your heart” at said reporter as she stalked away “fixin’ to to try out the new Excalibur and brass knuckles combo.”

And now, a few words from our sponsors …

Penguin Classic’s Back Cover Blurb for Sinclair Lewis’ 1935 Novel It Can’t Happen Here

“He’s so blatantly stupid.
He’s a punk, he’s a dog, he’s a pig.
He’s a con, a bullshit artist.
A mutt, who doesn’t know what he’s talking about.
He doesn’t care, he thinks he’s gaming society.
He doesn’t pay his taxes.
He’s an idiot.”

– Robert De Niro on Trump


“I know what Mr. Trump is.

He is a racist.

He is a conman.

He is a cheat.”

– Michael Cohen

“The life he lived was the only one he could ever live; he must go on to the end. The end comes often early to such men, whose spirits are so wrought that they know rest only in action, contentment only in danger, and in confusion find their only peace.”

– Winston Churchill, 1965

carl sagan 1995

“A wise lord cannot, nor ought he to, keep his promises when such observance would place him at a disadvantage, and when the reasons for which he gave his word no longer exist.”

“The promise given was a necessity of the past: the word broken is a necessity of the present.”

“Occasionally words must serve to veil the facts. But let this happen in such a way that no one become aware of it; or, if it should be noticed, excuses must be at hand to be produced immediately.”

– Niccolò di Bernardo dei Machiavelli, 1521

“The presidency does not change who you are; it reveals who you are”

– Michelle Obama

Know yer’ GOP: ‘the Treason Turtle’

Total Traitors & Treason Edition

Snitch ‘the Treason Turtle’ McConnell

snitch the bitchMitch “Show me the Rubles!” McConnell, head GOP obstructionist and all around POS

Addison Mitchell  McConnell Jr. aka Snitch McAnal, Snitch the bitch, Putin’s Cuck, Donnie’s cock-holster and Fuckface McTraitorson. Starred in I’m Against Anything That Black Guy Does’ (2008 – 2016) and can be currently seen headlining in ‘From Russia With Love – the Dirtbag Donnie Story’ (2016 – present) where he plays ‘Rimjob Randy, the Rubles Whore’.

Addison Mitchell ‘Snitch’ McConnell Jr. is an American politician/grifter serving as the senior United States Senator from Kentucky, a seat he was first elected to somewhere around 137 B.C. He also is lead apologist for the Glorious Leader Sum Dim Phuc and as such was rewarded ‘greatly’ with the appointment of his wife Lame Ho to secretary of something or other she’s really not qualified for. Mitch has for years been one of D.C.’s greatest obstructionists and hypocrites winning multiple ‘D-Bag of the Week’ and ‘D-Bag of the Month’ awards as well as 4 second place finishes in the always deserved, rarely accepted ‘Golden Ass-hat of the Year’ awards. With a 49% disapproval rate in 2016 (no doubt soaring even higher since he took his latest position as Kremlin talking head/senior Trump baby-sitter), he had the highest disapproval rating out of ALL senators. McConnell has repeatedly been found to have the lowest home state approval rating of any sitting senator, with a rating in the single digits, somewhere between contracting syphilis and having sex with Donald ‘Mushroomhead’ Trump. Way to go big fella!!
He first caught the attention of ‘Murica’s low info, butt-hurt angry, Faux Noise watchin’, holier than thou mouth breathers and Infowars touting bat shit crazies when he “made sure Obama was just a one term president.”
Oh wait, never mind …




Endorsed by the GOP Congress of the United Fuckin’ States of ‘Murica

“Whenever I’m polishing the knob of the Glorious Leader Sum Dim Phuc I ALWAYS use Trump Brand Turd Polish™
– Mike Huckabee (Faux Noise contributor)

“I never leave home without my travel sized can of Trump Brand Turd Polish™”
– Lindsey Graham (R-SC)

Whenever I’m kissin’ old orange ass I make sure I only use my old standby, Trump Brand Turd Polish™, there’s nothing else that does the job for me”
– Paul Ryan (R-Unemployed)

“Slurp, slurp …”
– Snitch the bitch McConnell

“Hey, a buck is a buck”
Rudy 911! Giuliani

Trump Brand Turd Polish
The ONLY turd polish endorsed by the Velveeta Raccoon himself.




What’s it doing today?

Episode # 666 – ♪♫♬ Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran! ♬♪♫

distraction nukes 2

Trump Admin Inflated Iran Intel, U.S. Officials Say

John Bolton and other Team Trump hawks are trumpeting intelligence that Tehran is readying attacks on U.S. forces. They’re exaggerating the threat so as to distract from a flailing and failing presidency” officials tell The Daily Beast.

Hmmm … sounds a lot like “John Bolton and other Team Bush hawks are trumpeting intelligence that Iraq is readying attacks on U.S. forces. They’re exaggerating the threat so as to distract from a flailing and failing presidency.”

And, of course there’s a tweet for everything with this asshole.


Tonight on Faux Noise


Sean Hannity is a multimedia Trump and regime propagandist, spending four hours a day every day reaching out to millions of Americans on radio, television and the Internet and lying his fat, angry, racist face off like the Trump tool he so pretends not to be. He is a bigoted, treasonous prick without any morals or redeeming values whatsoever, so if you’re an angry, white, dirt poor, home schooled, slack-jawed, ‘Dixie’ hummin’, mouth-breathin’, 2-toothed, sister marryin’ Cletus from Billy-Joe-Ray-Bob’s Budget Trailer Park in Doucherocket, Missouri, then this is yer’ boy … “Yeehaaw!!! Stick it in grandma! It’s Hannity the Manatee Time!”

Some violence, nudity, gay penetrative but consensual sex, ‘water sports’, treason, doucherocketry, racism and strong language. 65+
Warning: some pretty skeezy shit here, so set those PVR’s kids.

Rated ‘R’ for ridiculous | Ages 65 and up | White ONLY | 1280px-4_stars.svg

Slurp, slurp, swallow …

So, this just happened …

Ex Faux News propagandist and full time Trump ass-lick Eric Bolling Declares Melania Trump Is The ‘Most Important And Accomplished First Lady In American History’
Slurp, slurp, swallow Eric!
Who’s a good boy? Yeah Eric, yer’ a good boy! Yes you are! Yes you are!

Related image
Worst Lady Melamine Scump, aboard Pussygrabber One, working on her “Be Best” campaign.

The White House has declared Melania to be “the most important and accomplished First Lady in American history.”
Not bad 4 a mail order Slovenian ‘escort’ huh?
Proving once and for all that anyone can be anything they set their mind to in America.
Ain’t America great?

Note: She is NOT a hooker … according to her attorneys.
She just has a very friendly vagina – for personal gain.

U Can’t Touch This … at least not in red states

More than a dozen states have moved to declare pornography a public health crisis and want to start ‘limiting’ access to porn. “It is an epidemic in our society, and this makes a statement that we have a problem” said Arizona Sen. Sylvia Allen, a Republican who blamed pornography for contributing to violence against women, sexual activity among teens and unintended pregnancies.
The Arizona resolution that passed Monday doesn’t ban pornography yet, but it probably signals future action. Similar declarations have been passed in GOP-controlled states ranging from Tennessee to Montana and been adopted in the Republican Party’s national platform.
So, I’d like to take this opportunity to say to ALL these red state legislator’s and holier than thou assholes, go fuck yerself!
Or, will that be banned next?
And, what will Ted Cruz have left to do in his spare time?

You may also wish to peruse the following (but keeps those hands where we can see them) …
Ted Cruz Busted for Liking Porn Video
Republican staffer arrested over child porn allegations
Another Trump Republican Busted For Child Porn
Here’s another Republican arrested for sexual misconduct …
Conservative Fundraiser Arrested for Child Porn …
Long list of Republican sex offenders
The Shameful Record of Republican Sexual Misconduct
A Brief History Of Antigay Politicians Caught Doing Very Gay Things In Public
List Of Convicted Republican Pedophiles
and, of course …
Arizona Republicans Prevent Attempt to Oust Representative Formerly Arrested on Child Porn Charge
  …  wait … what? The same Arizona legislators that are trying to outlaw porn are okay with pedos????? Figures actually. Those that doth protest too much.



hy·​poc·​ri·​sy | \ hi-ˈpä-krə-sē

plural hypocrisies

Definition of hypocrisy

1 : a feigning to be what one is not or to believe what one does not : behavior that contradicts what one claims to believe or feel His hypocrisy was finally revealed with the publication of his private letters. especially : the false assumption of an appearance of virtue or religion our conventional morality often serves as a cover for hypocrisy and selfishness — Lucius Garvin

2 : an act or instance of hypocrisy a keen awareness of one’s parents’ hypocrisies

Oh, and lest we forget …
The sexual misconduct allegations against Donald Trump – the full list …

WTFVille Weekly … “COMING SOON!”

(yup, really bad choice of words – you’ll see)

Doing your own thing is now gunna cost ya’ …


Okay, this one is a couple weeks old, but I just discovered it and wanted to make note …
You just can’t make this shit up …
The next time yer’ pullin’ one off for Jesus, it’s gunna cost ya’ $20 kids.
Apparently we’re all gunna MAGA by wankin’ our way to a wall.
I’m betting Hannity and Cucker and those incels over at Fox News could jerk that wall into existence in less than a week. King of the Incels Cucker Carlson alone could ‘build that wall’ all by himself in 3-4 days tops. And, why are these nut jobs always from Arizona?
WTF Arizona? Aim higher!
The big question we all have here is: “Will Mexico be paying for ‘the porn’?
We’re gunna need some fucking clarification here people!
I’m so confused and I might have a PayPal account to load up …
I just know there’s some ‘Our pal Jeebus’ stuff goin’ on here …
I can’t prove it, I just know it …

In a related story Donald Trump has decided on his yard signs for 2020:

JERK ONE 4 DONNIE-by-hip-is-everything-2019_thumb


These people are scaring me mommy, make them go away!

Moron Moments …

Moron Moments

THIS WEEK’S EPISODE:  “The Delusions Take Over”
Taken from his latest self-masturbatory rally …

“I mean we’re draining the swamp, but are we having a good time or what? And look at all those beautiful red hats and some white ones. Some white. Look at that. Those are – that’s a lot of red hats. But you do have the white ones too, right? And you have the black ones, too. You have a lot of them. You have a lot of different hats. It’s called MAGA country. You know, I didn’t hear that term until that third-rate actor in Chicago went out. Ronald Reagan used seldom Let’s Make America Great. Close, but not the same. Let’s – apostrophe S. You don’t want the apostrophe. It’s too complicated. It doesn’t work. But Ronald Reagan was good. He said let’s make – but he didn’t use it. He used it a little bit. We seriously use it, right? And MAGA we got for free. Because my whole deal was Make America Great Again, all of a sudden people are saying and going #MAGA.”

“We have a massive television audience, do you ever see so many cameras? If somebody else were here, you’d have about like none. Because I have a couple of friends here. They’re pretty wealthy people, very successful people. And you know what? The hell with them. I don’t care. In Michigan, they gave me an award six years, seven years ago, I had no idea. It was the Man of the Year in Michigan. They will take your guns away, too, by the way.”

and then the moron in charge finally brings it all home with this … his reason to never vote for a Dem …

“They are aggressively pushing extreme late-term abortion, allowing children to be ripped from their mother’s womb. The baby is born. The mother meets with the doctor. They take care of the baby. They wrap the baby beautifully. And then the doctor and the mother determine whether or not they will execute the baby.”

Scary AND stupid … wow …
Fuck me, we’re all gunna die aren’t we Mabel?