Grifters Gotta Grift …

so, this is real …

This is what the presidency of the United States has become. This is your president at work.
MAGAts, you got conned.


Hate Elf Sighting …

sessions testimony by hip is everything
Sessions, seen here testifying to the Senate judiciary committee today.

Washington (ALLOC)
Attorney General and full time Trump groveler, turd polisher and sycophant Jeff Sessions on Wednesday faced tough questions from his former colleagues on the Senate judiciary committee — forcing him to once again repeatedly deny any improper contacts with the Russian government during the presidential campaign. Sessions, a long time racist, homophobe (it’s those fucking self haters again), and xenophobe hate elf rolled into the Senate judiciary committee for a couple hours of ducking, dodging, denying and deviously distracting from anything that even resembled reality. He changed his story so many times that many people are saying that he is a shoe in for the “Donald J. Trump Huuuge Fucking Liar of the Year for 2017” as well as the “Paul Ryan Coward of the County” trophy for 2017.

Trump Deflects From His Deflection of Yesterday’s Deflection

Just in from the “They didn’t vote for me so screw ’em” file …

BREAKING: President Moronov finally figures out that it’s time to pretend to care about California.

Gord Downie

“Music brings people together. Anything I do is to bring people together.”
Gord Downie 1964-2017

“For almost five decades, Gord Downie uncovered and told the stories of Canada. He was the frontman of one of Canada’s most iconic bands, a rock star, artist, and poet whose evocative lyrics came to define a country.

The Tragically Hip’s music invited us to explore places we had never been – from Mistaken Point to Churchill – and helped us understand each other, while capturing the complexity and vastness of the place we call home.

Gord’s command of language was profound. He painted landscapes with his words, elevating Canadian geography, historical figures, and myths. When he spoke, he gave us goosebumps and made us proud to be Canadian. Our identity and culture are richer because of his music, which was always raw and honest – like Gord himself.

In the wake of his diagnosis, Gord only fought harder for what he believed in: social justice, environmentalism, and reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples. Before passing, he shined his light on the story of 12-year-old Chanie Wenjack who died from hunger and exposure after trying to find his way home from a residential school. For his work raising awareness of Indigenous issues, he was inducted as a member of the Order of Canada in 2017.

Gord did not rest from working for the issues he cared about, and his commitment and passion will continue to motivate Canadians for years to come.

On behalf of all Canadians, Sophie and I offer our deepest condolences to Gord’s family, friends, bandmates and crew members, and his many, many fans. He will be sorely missed.”
– Justin Trudeau

d-bag apocalypse … Outstanding Performer


Claims of patriotism ring especially hollow when the supposed commander in chief is silent after American soldiers are murdered in an ambush overseas.

Trump Golfed As American Soldiers’ Bodies Returned Home From Deadly Ambush

Donald Trump talks a lot about patriotism. But his complete silence — including on his favorite communication medium, Twitter — on the four American soldiers who were killed in an ambush in Niger puts the lie to those lofty claims.

And the fact that he was too busy golfing to say a word publicly about the loss of American lives makes it even more galling.

As CNN reported, as the body of Army Sgt. La David Johnson was brought home following the October 4th attack on a 12-member team of U.S. troops by an ISIS-affiliated group near the border between Niger and Mali, Trump was on one of his many, many golf outings. from shareblue

also …

In Puerto Rico, a Daily Struggle for Water and Food

91% of Puerto Rico Has No Power Yet …

Death Toll Rises to 48 …

Puerto Rico in Crisis: A Race Against Time to Evacuate the Infirm


R.I.P. Irony

Washington, D.C.  On Friday the 13th at 10:30 A.M. the family of Irony announced that Irony had officially passed away.
Irony passed quietly, after an extended battle with Trumpistitis Bullshiticus Maximus, at home, in the company of his beloved wife Satire and their sons Sarcasm and Rantz. The family asks that you get really hammered at your local Yuk Yuks in lieu of flowers.


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A man who delights in all things wicked, supervillain ‘Bad Touch Donnie’ (Tang Ridiculous) hatches a plan to steal the United States Treasury. Surrounded by an army of little, traitorous, red hat wearing sycophants and ass-lickers, and his impenetrable arsenal of weapons and war machines, Donnie makes ready to vanquish all who stand in his way. But nothing in his calculations and groundwork has prepared him for his greatest challenge: three adorable orphans (Robert Mueller, Adam Schiff and Ted Lieu) who want to make him their bitch.
Release date: January 20, 2017
Directors: Vladimir Putin, Paul Manafort and Steve ‘Whitey’ Bannon
Featured song: ‘‘Team America, Fuck No!”




Despicable He

Another day, another example of how cruel, hateful and bigoted Bad Touch Donnie and his comrades over at the GRU GOP truly are.

We awake to this shit …

Then, we get the coward of the county Ayn Paul Lyin’ Ryan dropping this little nugget o’ hate …

Ryan: Puerto Rico needs to “get back on its own two feet.”

Followed by Chief of Staff John Kelly, at the White House podium going on about what a good, decent, thoughtful and patriotic man, who’s only concern is the well-being of ‘all’ Americans, Donald Trump really is … proving once and for all that anyone who’s counting on Kelly to have America’s back in this shit show is sadly mistaken. I wonder what happened to the whole “we’ll be there as long as need be” bullshit Trump and the gang were spouting last week and at his photo-op drive-by a couple weeks back. Must be out of paper towels. Or maybe, Ryan and Trump act this way because the people involved aren’t quite the same ‘shade’ as they are. It would explain a lot, to be honest.