Man possum says what?

forrest trump

Trump ramps up rhetoric: “Dems want ‘illegal immigrants’ to ‘infest our country”
President Donald Trump ramped up his already wildly heated immigration rhetoric on Tuesday, accusing Democrats of wanting migrants to “infest our country” and turning a speech on the economy into an angry tirade defending his harsh stance.
Democrats are the problem,”
he tweeted. “They don’t care about crime and want illegal immigrants, no matter how bad they may be, to pour into and infest our Country, like MS-13. They can’t win on their terrible policies, so they view them as potential voters!”
“When you prosecute the parents for coming in illegally, which should happen, you have to take the children away,” he said.


Really, Fat Donnie? This is the best you’ve got to offer?

Whole towns have literally just been wiped off the map thanks to Hurricane Michael and Fat Donnie is spending the day today hanging out with Kanye and Kid Rock at the Whiter House. And is he talking about those in need? Nope, it’s all “Democrats are bad, Hillary is still crooked, I won and she didn’t!, Kanye is great, I am amazing, there’s NEVER been anyone as great as me, blah, blah, blah” from the grifter/pissy toddler in chief. Before that he even has time to call in to his favorite TV shows on Faux Noise a couple of times and drop his latest word salad/Infowars conspiracy theory …


Not a fucking word about his fellow Americans who are in dire need at this time.
Not one fucking word.
Doesn’t this asshole have a job??
Shouldn’t he be doing it??

Oh well, he’ll still get his photo-op with Kanye …
Maybe Ted Nugent and the Klondike Kardashian will even show up and complete the farce.


Man I hate these people …

I know I keep repeating myself, but, Fuck me Mabel, that kid just ain’t right in the head.


Just so ya’ know what I’m talking about here …


Know Yer’ GOP … Shrek Slanders

The “Ladies of the Whiter House’ Edition

Shrek Slanders, aka Baghdad Boob, Scary Huckleberry Slanders, that lying b#%ch.
Born August 13, 1982 Shrek is an American campaign manager and political adviser who currently serves as the twenty-ninth White House Press Secretary to liar in chief, accused rapist and all around douche-rocket Bad Touch Donnie Scump. Shrek is a non-stop, compulsive liar, much in the mold of her father, long time GOP dog whistler and master baiter Mike ‘the fake preacher’ Huckabee, or as he’s known to those close to him, “Fuck Off Mike!”
Sister of renowned dog torturer/murderer David “here boy” Huckabee, Shrek grew up angry, alone and ‘home schooled ignorant.’ It is most certainly this stilted, pseudo Christian, home schoolin’ environment where Shrek got her unique fashion sense. Often credited with making picnic tablecloths as dresses fashionable once again in the evangelical cult known as today’s GOP Shrek is nothing if not stylin’.


Next up: Kellyanne Conway, alternative human. 

What’s on …


faux noise

We start the day with the Glorious Leader, Sum Dim Phuc’s favorite show … 5 hours of presidential ass-kissing, rimjobs and out and out sycophantic mewling and puking …
Faux and Fiends with Steve Douchey, Brian Killmenow and whatever vacuous, long-legged, huge boobed blonde they roll out for the day. Just the way Donnie Bad Touch likes ‘em!


Later on we bring you everybody’s favorite incel … Cucker!
A solid hour of breathless whining, bullhorn racism, hateful ignorance and white male privilege.

CUCKER by hip is everything 2018

And then we wrap it all up with an hour of pure vile and bile from America’s leading purveyor of conspiracy theories, impotence, racism and victimhood inspired anger with Whiter House Chief of Staff Hannity the Manatee!

HANNITY by hip is everything


Know yer’ GOP … a thought …


Rapists, racists, pussy-grabbers, adulterers, shills for the 1%, child molesters, gym Jordan, SCOTUS nominees who commit perjury AND rape, Judge Roy Moore, defenders of rapists and pedophiles, homophobes, Fox News (the real fake news media), people losing their healthcare, fans of Hannity the manatee and Alex Jones/Infowars, believers in ‘Q’, people who gladly look the other way while young black men are being murdered by law enforcement, voter suppression supporters, Neo-Nazis, the Alt-Reich, fans of Russians deciding American elections, defenders of a traitorous, corrupt, petulant, low info, impotent, vengeful, racist, misogynistic fake president that lies constantly and admits to sexually assaulting women, and a congress that is little more than a co-conspirator to the traitor/rapist/wannabe dictator in the oval office.
That my friends is today’s GOP.
The ’Grand Old Party’ has now become the ‘Grifters, Oligarchs, and Pervs’.
I only wish I was exaggerating.




Capture (2)





ALL these fine products, and more,





Tuesday snips … The first rule of White Club …


yes dear yes we certainly are
“Yes dear, yes we most certainly are …unless Mueller will cut me a deal, then, yes dear, you and those two guys claiming to be my sons are going to prison.”

Mitch McConnell Inflates Throat Pouch In Show Of Dominance Over Fellow Congressional Males
Mitch McConnell Inflates Throat Pouch In Show Of Dominance Over Fellow Congressional males.

who wore it better
Tell the truth … who wore it better?

brett k
Did Brett Kavanaugh father an illegitimate child in college, but was too drunk to remember it?

Unless I was a $250 dollar an hour Russian rent boy, there is no way I would have seen them, but thanks for asking.

when u been an asshole all yr and the other kids dont invite you 2 the party
When you’ve been a total asshole all year and the other kids don’t invite you to the party.

Lindsey Graham seen here leaving the ‘Oral Office’ after a meeting with president Scump.

<insert your own punchlines here>

mcconnell and trump
Mitch McConnell meets with president Trump to discuss the midterms.

Slap some eyebrows on a hard boiled egg and you have yourself a Stephen Miller
Slap some eyebrows on a hard boiled egg and you have yourself a Stephen Miller.

Capture (5)
Very stable genius boards plane … get gramps his meds Ivanka! The eyes have it!


Know Yer’ GOP … Snitch McConnell

Snitch McAnal

Addison Mitchell  McConnell Jr. aka Snitch McAnal, Snitch the bitch, Putin’s Cuck, Donnie’s cock-holster and Fuckface McTraitorson. Starred in I’m Against Anything That Black Guy Does’ (2008 – 2016) and can be currently seen headlining in ‘From Russia With Love – the Dirtbag Donnie Story’ (2016 – present) where he plays ‘Rimjob Randy the Rubles Whore’.

Addison Mitchell ‘Snitch’ McConnell Jr. is an American politician/grifter serving as the senior United States Senator from Kentucky, a seat he was first elected to somewhere around 137 B.C. He also is lead apologist for the Glorious Leader Sum Dim Phuc and as such was rewarded ‘greatly’ with the appointment of his wife Lame Ho to secretary of something or other she’s really not qualified for. Mitch has for years been one of D.C.’s greatest obstructionists and hypocrites winning multiple ‘D-Bag of the Week’ and ‘D-Bag of the Month’ awards as well as 4 second place finishes in the always deserved, rarely accepted ‘Golden Ass-hat of the Year’ awards. With a 49% disapproval rate in 2016 (no doubt soaring even higher since he took his latest position as Kremlin talking head/senior Trump baby-sitter), he had the highest disapproval rating out of ALL senators. McConnell has repeatedly been found to have the lowest home state approval rating of any sitting senator, with a rating in the single digits, somewhere between contracting syphilis and having sex with Donald ‘Mushroomhead’ Trump. Way to go big fella!!
He first caught the attention of ‘Murica’s low info, butt-hurt angry, Faux Noise watchin’, holier than thou mouth breathers and Infowars touting bat shit crazies when he “made sure Obama was just a one term president.”
Oh wait, never mind …


50 Shades of Orange, A Love Story


Moron in chief president Fat Donnie Scump said that he and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un “fell in love.” … While speaking at a rally for fellow moron, Senate candidate and state Attorney General Patrick Morrisey (R) in West Virginia, Scump spoke about his evolving relationship with Kim.

“I was really being tough and so was he,” he said. “And we would go back and forth. And then we fell in love. No really. He wrote me beautiful letters. And they are great letters. We fell in love.””

Ruh roh!
Somewhere there’s a lad named Vlad who’s gunna be pissed …
If dude sez “He completes me” or “He makes me feel like a woman” I’m giving away my TV and shutting down my Interwebz … just sayin’

UPDATE: The soon to be engaged couple has now registered at Tiffany & Co.

Truman? Truman, is that you?

Russian state television has recently accelerated its defense of U.S. President Donald Trump. Reporters paid by the Russian Federation have recently taken to referring to the Republican Party as “The Party Of Trump.” State television has also begun replaying Fox News clips. During one news program the Russian host defended the size of the U.S. president’s penis after adult film actress Stormy Daniels, in her new book, compared it to “the mushroom character in Mario Kart.“ Russia’s state TV is defending Trump with gusto, down to the size of his dick.  “The Kremlin’s top propagandist, Dmitry Kiselyov, claims Trump is being ‘bullied’ and “Stormy’s expectations are unreasonably high.”

Wait …what the fuck???
Putin TV is defending Donnie Bad Touch’s dick size?????
Jesus.  <== ( Insert deity of your choice here )
Well, I guess they’d know, right?. I mean, they have ‘the tapes’ right?

Still … what the fuck is happening?
Are we all gunna wake up one day and find out Hollywood is making an ‘Idiocracy’ / ‘Truman Show’ mashup and we’re all starring in it?
Whatever … I’d like to leave now please. I’ve had more than enough of this shit-show.
My brain hurts, and this shit is just making me pissy alla time. Like, ALLA time. Srsly. Grrr.
”I’m tellin’ ya’ Mabel, these fuckin’ kids just ain’t right in the head. I mean it babe. They’s nuts”