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The Houston Chief of Police just posted this on his Facebook page …



Winter is coming …

Getting a lot of the ‘libtard’ ‘snowflake’ shit again this week at the sites …
Usually I just hand out a heaping helping of “fuck you” and “still dating your sister?” but I’m getting pretty sick of the same old same old, so …

If being a ‘libtard’ means I want to  stop kids from getting shot at school, that I think everyone should be able to marry the person they love, whether that person is a man or a woman, if it means I put science over religion, and equality over division, if it means that I think women and NOT men should decide what a woman does with her body, that health care is a basic human right, as well as clean air and water, that Fox News is nothing more than a hate spewing, racially divisive propaganda arm of the GOP, then yup,  I am a Rabid Libtard … R.A.B.I.D.


p.s. …

adjective: liberal
  1. open to new behavior or opinions and willing to discard traditional values.
    • favorable to or respectful of individual rights and freedoms.
      “liberal citizenship laws”
      synonyms: tolerant, unprejudiced, unbigoted, broad-minded, open-minded, enlightened; More

      permissive, free, free and easy, easygoing, libertarian, indulgent, lenient
      “the values of a liberal society”
      antonyms: narrow-minded, conservative, regressive, bigoted
    • (in a political context) favoring maximum individual liberty in political and social reform.
      “a liberal democratic state”
      synonyms: progressive, advanced, modern, forward-looking, forward-thinking, progressivist, enlightened, reformist, radical

      “a liberal social agenda”
      antonyms: reactionary, conservative
      regarding many traditional beliefs as dispensable, invalidated by modern thought, or liable to change.
  2. (of education) concerned mainly with broadening a person’s general knowledge and experience, rather than with technical or professional training.
    synonyms: wide-ranging, broad-based, general

    “a liberal education”
  3. (especially of an interpretation of a law) broadly construed or understood; not strictly literal or exact.
    “they could have given the 1968 Act a more liberal interpretation”
    synonyms: flexible, broad, loose, rough, free, general, nonliteral, nonspecific, imprecise, vague, indefinite

    “a liberal interpretation of divorce laws”
    antonyms: strict, to the letter
  4. given, used, or occurring in generous amounts.
    “liberal amounts of wine had been consumed”
    synonyms: abundant, copious, ample, plentiful, generous, lavish, luxuriant, profuse, considerable, prolific, rich;

    “a liberal coating of paint”
    antonyms: scant
    • (of a person) giving generously.
      “Sam was too liberal with the wine”
      synonyms: generous, openhanded, unsparing, unstinting, ungrudging, lavish, free, munificent, bountiful, beneficent, benevolent, big-hearted, philanthropic, charitable, altruistic, unselfish;

      “they were liberal with their cash”
      antonyms: careful, miserly
noun: liberal; plural noun: liberals
  1. 1.
    a person of liberal views.

p.p.s. …
In reply to MAGAman69:
Fuck you, still dating your sister?







Car Crash of the Day

Trump car crash of the day by hip is everything

Everybody gets it. Resident Scump runs his government like a drunk running a stop sign on the edge of a train track, with the pedal to the metal, and that literally ANYTHING can and probably will go wrong on any given day. Fuck, at any given moment is more accurate. No news there, and most days there’s so much to choose from as to which ‘event’ or stunt is the most offensive, the most shameful, the most embarrassing, that you wind up missing a whole bunch of stuff that would normally make you go “what the fuck was that?!?” So, I’m gunna try and point out a few of those with the ‘Car Crash of the Day. And nope, I ain’t gunna promise to do it every day. I’m way too busy trying to duck all this other shit just like all of you, and the whole Trump presidency is such a colossal clusterfuck-tire-fire that there’s no way to take it all in without losing your mind completely. But I will try to get to as many as I can.
Today we have one of those “Wow, he’s a tiny, selfish little man” moments …

First lady Melania Trump underwent kidney surgery Monday at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center near Washington, DC, according to a statement from her office.
Trump had been experiencing an issue with her kidney that her office described as benign but requiring medical attention.
“This morning, first lady Melania Trump underwent an embolization procedure to treat a benign kidney condition. The procedure was successful, and there were no complications,” the first lady’s communications director, Stephanie Grisham, said in a statement.
“Mrs. Trump is at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and will likely remain there for the duration of the week.”

Tiny, selfish little man moment …
Due to his crazily busy schedule today Donnie Two Scoops couldn’t make it by the hospital …


Yup, that is the entire daily schedule for today … the whole fucking thing …
And yet, even though Walter Reed hospital is less than 5 miles away, @realDonaldTrump didn’t go with her.
Although, to be fair to Donnie Sandtrap, that is a really grueling schedule. Tremendously grueling. A lot of people are saying it’s the most gruelingest anyone has ever seen.
Note: Yesterday, when he surely knew this was happening today, he failed to even mention her in his Mother’s Day message (made sure he got in some shit about his mom though) and then decided to spend the day golfing, but we won’t mention that. Wouldn’t wanna make Dumbasso Cheetolini look bad.
What a guy!

Tonight on GOPTV

This week on ‘Gaslighting 101’ with your host Shrek Slanders …


Shrek ‘the scary huckleberry’ Slanders stars in this one hour, low info, fact free diatribe aimed at the media, the Dems, people of color, ‘the gays’ and ALL things having to do with the truth. In this week’s episode, “Anger, Lies and Smokey Eyes” Shrek will be detailing her secrets and tips for lying to everyone you meet, how to walk back your bullshit when all around you know you’re lying, and make-up tips for the seriously soul-less with a special tips segment by Kellyanne ‘the opioid queen’ Conway, aka ‘Back-alley Barbie’.

NSFW or family viewing.
Rated ‘R’ for racist and regressive | Ages 18+ | 1280px-4_stars.svg

also …


In tonight’s episode Donnie Bad Touch tosses everyone under the bus to save his own demented, overly large, bigoted, criminal, orange ass. Even sister wife numero uno Ivanka is ’Mueller-bait’ for the Velveeta Raccoon as he tries desperately to stay out of prison.
Special appearances by Mike ‘the White Saviour’ Pence and Rudy ‘911!!!’ Giuliani.

Some violence, nudity, gay penetrative but consensual sex, ‘water sports’, treason and strong language. 18+
Warning: some pretty skeezy shit here, so set those PVR’s kids.
Rated ‘R’ for ridiculous | Ages 16+ | 1280px-4_stars.svg

A couple of words on John McCain …

Those of you who have followed me at this blog or my other sites over the last dozen or so years know that I have not been the biggest John McCain fan. I have stood against him on policy 95% of the time, or more, and worked my ass off to help elect Barack Obama and keep John McCain and Sarah Palin from taking up residence in the White House. And, there has been times when that opposition became heated. I still disagree with John on almost everything to do with policy. Our vision of what the world should look like and how it should operate probably could not be more diametrically opposed. But, regardless of how I feel about his politics, he is a man with a wife, kids, grandkids, loved ones and friends who care very deeply about him. He is a patriot and a man who so obviously loves his country as much as any other. And, he has stood for ‘doing the right thing’ when his party did not so many times that I haven’t got space here to list them all. For that he has my utmost respect. John was and is the ‘Republicans I grew up around’. Even when we were absolutely opposed to each other’s views there could still be discussion of the issues and more times than not there could be agreement reached on what was truly important. That party does not exist today. It hasn’t for some time, and with the ascendancy of Trump, we may never see it again. And still John tried to find bi-partisan agreements with his colleagues across the aisle wherever he could.
So, when the news came that not only had Fox News been trashing John by insinuating that he was a traitor who gave up his country when he was a P.O.W. in Viet Nam, and a Trump sycophant named Kelly Sadler ‘joked’ that John could be ignored now because “he’s dying anyways” I felt instant disgust and anger. I get it that because of Trump, a man who received FIVE deferments while John McCain suited up and fought for his country, talks this way and allows his people to do the same, and that this behavior is just the way this despicable bunch operates. I get it, we see it every fucking day with this band of grifters, chickenhawks, lowlifes and traitors. And I will admit that as mad as this shit made me, I probably would have not written anything on the subject.
A few minutes ago I walked by my TV and caught the following statements by Stephanie Ruhle from MSNBC, and she perfectly captured my feelings, so here’s that video …

In closing I would like to say a couple of things …
Kelly Sadler should immediately resign or be fired …
John Kelly should be absolutely ashamed of himself for his inaction in these matters …
They and Donald Trump owe John, his wife Cindy and their entire family a heartfelt and honest public apology.
You can disagree with John on his politics any time, and while I don’t personally know John, I guarantee he would welcome that debate, but to attack a man while he is fighting for his life is beyond any type of acceptable human behavior. And to do so because he stood and stands against torture is to display once and for all to the world what truly deplorable people you are.
So, while John, Cindy and his family are way too good as people to say the following, I’m not.
Fuck you Fox News.
Fuck you Kelly Sadler.
Fuck you John Kelly.
Fuck you Donald Trump.
And fuck you cancer.
Finally to John, as the son of a military man myself,and as a person who respects anyone who puts on a uniform and defends their country more than I can put into words I say this …
Be strong, live long, know much love. I salute you sir.

Kanye Drops New Album Early!

Hoping to deflect from the self-inflicted controversy he stupidly created to hype his latest album, the King of Stupid, Kanye ‘the Trump Whisperer’ West, surprised everyone today by dropping his new album early in an effort to further deflect from his previous two deflections. A West spokesperson told the assembled press that “at this point nobody involved in anything to do with Mr. West has any idea where Mr. West stands on anything, or what the actual fuck Mr. West is talking about – ever – so, same old, same old.”


kanye irony hipiseverything
A Trumputin/Skeezy Yeezy Production  |  2018 MAGAt Records


Breaking: Trump hires Clinton lawyer …

WASHINGTON — President Trump has hired Emmet T. Flood, the veteran Washington lawyer who represented Bill Clinton during his impeachment, to replace Ty Cobb.

The last guy Flood repped in a case concerning impeachment was Bill Clinton. So, hes 0 for1 so far. LOL, wtf is wrong with Trump? “Only the best people” huh Donnie?
Jesus, you just can’t make this shit up.

Pass the popcorn please …