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Can I get a “Saaaay Whaaaaat?”
”Hell yeah!”
”No, say what …”
”Fuck it …”

Here’s some random stoofs I found for ya’ while perusing the interwebz this week …
Happy Friday!







Ok …

Another example of money wasted on a study that tells us what we already know, those people deserve exactly what they get. Darwin rules!


Pro tip # ow fuck!, ow, ow oww!

Will Sarah Palin ever run for elected office again?

Say NO to meth!

And win an all expense paid hunting trip with Traitor Tot and his dim-wit brother Eric from Trumputin Industries – “Treason is our game!”.

I’m betting this guy will probably go for like three decks of smokes to some lifer name Cletus.


Before you judge a man, walk a mile in his shoes …

“Yes Ivanka, yes we are … for a very long time.”
”Do I have to Daddy?”
”Yep, I’m afraid so, sorry I flipped on you and your brothers, but 2 years is way better than the twenty you guys are getting. Besides you kids are still young, so better you than me.”
”Okay Daddy.”


That Kid Ain’t Right In The Head … Part 9938-B

Of course Donnie Douche has to weigh in.
Because RIP Irony.
Because hypocrisy and shame are not part of his makeup
(or his vocabulary for that matter)
Because: projection.
Because ‘Obama Jealousy Syndrome’ beats on Donnie like a rented mule.
But, as always the peeps weighed in.

also see: Whole Lotta Grabbin’ Goin’ On




Let Them Eat Light Sabers

Internet mocks Treasury secretary and his wife for posing with a sheet of money
Eli Rosenberg Washington Post

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin did what just about anyone would do when presented with a newly minted sheet of American currency bearing their name and signature on Wednesday: he posed for a photo.
Coming in the midst of tax-reform plans by President Donald Trump and congressional Republicans that nonpartisan analysts say would disproportionately benefit corporations and wealthy individuals, among others, the photo of Mnuchin and wife, Louise Linton, holding up the sheet of new $1 bills became an instant meme and drew wide mockery around the Internet.
The photo was snapped Wednesday as Mnuchin and Linton, along with U.S. Treasurer Jovita Carranza, toured the Bureau of Engraving and Printing in Washington.

Ya’ really gotta wonder wtf is wrong with these people, and why do they keep behaving like this, and while these are valid and maybe even important questions, the real question Americans should be asking though is …

Who wore it better?

who wore it better

Louise? … or Darth?
Personally, I prefer Darth as I feel that his skin tone works better with the outfit. It gives it a certain Joie de vivre and makes the whole ensemble pop! I find Louise comes across as looking rather pale and dare I say it, common, and who wants to come across like that?
But, that’s just me.

Whole Lotta Grabbin’ Goin’ On


proving trump likes to grab em
Bad Touch Donnie seen here showing fellow assaulter Slick Willie how he “grabs ‘em”

Washington, D.C.: A picture of President Donald J. Trump actually ‘grabbing a pussy’ as he put it, has surfaced. It shows ‘Bad Touch Donnie, the TicTac Man’ grabbing fellow serial assaulter Slick Willie Clinton while what appears to be their secret service teams stood watch. It appears at this time that the two men met to discuss and compare notes on their respective techniques. Neither side has commented as of yet on the picture. Watch this space for future developments on this story.

d-bag apocalypse: Rush Limpballs Edition

dbag apocalypse outstanding performer award by hip is everything

Limbaugh’s Defense: Back When Roy Moore Was Turned On By Teenage Girls, He Was A Democrat

November 14, 2017

“Not matter what the real stories are here and no matter what the evidence is, these guys, these people, on the Republican side are making it clear they’re going to prevent this guy from ever being seated in the United States Senate. Did you know that before 1992, when a lot of this was going on, that Judge Moore was a Democrat?

“You didn’t know that? How ’bout all these people now – ‘Oh yeah, everybody here knew about Judge Moore!’ – while he was a Democrat? Nobody said a word. When he supposedly was attracted to inappropriately aged girls, he was a Democrat.” – Rush Limbaugh, speaking on today’s show.

Rush Limballs, you are our winner of the d-bag apocalypse Outstanding Performer today!
Grats asshole!!!

Donnie Who?

DN_KMxFU8AADXAxScary Huckleberry Slanders at the newly renamed Whiter House presser tomorrow afternoon:
“I have a short statement regarding the ‘fake news’ that seemed to be swirling around the Whiter House while the President was on his historic, never before seen, majestically beautiful and God guided trip through Asia where he spent time with his favorite dictators and murderers. He also was able to spend some quality bonding (bondage?) time meeting with his mentor, idol and current lover Vladimir Putin in between greeting the tens, if not hundreds, of millions of adoring fans who lined the streets everywhere he went. These WERE the biggest crowds EVER to greet a president of the United States ANY WHERE at ANY TIME, period! And the crowds were literally thousands of times larger than any crowd that bla Obama guy got.
Anyways, my statement …
With regards to the latest fake news reports regarding this Donald J. Trump Jr. person.
Don Jr was a member of the Trump family for only a very, very short period of time. He was a volunteer, low level member who had no title, assigned duties or official position. We all know that he is, at best, a distant 3rd favorite to present wife Ivanka and a KFC Barrel, not necessarily in that order, and the Whiter house would contend that even Eric and very occasionally Tiffany were more favored by the Glorious Leader.
He would occasionally get covfefe and make copies. It was really low level involvement. And it was definitely NOT a Keurig. He was just a drifter that we allowed to sleep on the couch occasionally, and we’re really not sure that we’d recognize him even if we bumped into him in an elevator in the Whiter House residence. The president stands by his statement that it is nothing more than coincidence that he and ‘this grifter’ have a name that is somewhat similar, and that he is probably nothing more than a Clinton deep state ‘plant’ inserted into the Whiter House by Hillary URANIUM ONE! Clinton and Barrack HUSSEIN! Obama to destroy the new Emperor. The president has people, on the ground in Hawaii ,looking into this and apparently you won’t believe what they are finding. Also, that Michael Jackson impersonator you’ve all seen with the Emperor the last few months is actually his ‘wife’ and is NOT an escort (at least according to her lawyers). I hope that that finally clears that up for all of  you members the corrupt, fake media. We will no longer be taking questions after the daily pressers as our lawyers have advised us that all this lying may actually come back to bite us on the ass during the imminent impeachment and criminal legal hearings.”

halfway house dfor fired trump admin
This week’s episode of ‘Mueller’s Playhouse’“The Witness House Fills Up”
Saturday at 8 Central on RT TV

Breaking …

Last night before heading home from his “Distract the Nation From My Traitorous Deeds Tour 2017” the dumpster dropped this little teaser …


and now this …


Trump To Announce New Slate Of Cabinet, Judicial and Agency Appointments

Trump’s latest band of grifters and incompetents arrives on the hill to begin their qualifications and competency hearings.

Watch this space for more …

Image result for pedo bearIn a related story, it now appears that it will be basically up to President Trump as to whether long time pedophile and serial assaulter/rapist Judge Roy Moore will drop out of his Alabama senate race …
Moore’s people breathed a huge sigh of relief when they realized this.

Tomorrow’s Weather: Sunny With A Chance of Volvos

My favorite take of the day …

although I gotta admit, this one was a pretty close second …



That Guy

Ruh Roh, somebody’s really screwed now …

stephen miller easily one of the most punchable faces in the history of punchable faces
Stephen Miller, easily one of the most punchable faces in the history of punchable faces.

You know the guy. We all know the guy. He’s the kid everyone beat on as a kid, because he was such an ass-kissing, tattle-tail weenie. The asshole that showed up at parties, uninvited and unannounced, who never took the hint that there was a reason he was uninvited. That little shit hook weasel at work that derives his entire sense of his own manhood by being a bully to the peeps he somehow associates with the kids who beat on him as a kid, because he was such an ass-kissing, tattle-tail weenie. Impotent, ignorant, cruel and talkin’ shit as long as it’s not face to face.
TL;DR: never been laid, and really, really pissed about it. Plus, 55-45 he kills squirrels at the local park when no-one’s looking. 65-35 he’s a bed-wetter.

Anyhoo … this happened to our hero …

Fascinating piece here in the Times applying some Times level sleuthing to shed more light on those Papadopoulos court documents from last week. We get some idea of the backstory of Joseph Mifsud, apparently a failing and shambling academic career that was on its final skid when Russians showed up in 2014 with money and newfound respectability, an old story. Other gaps of the story are filled in. But the big one is Stephen Miller.
According to the Times, Miller is the “senior policy advisor” referenced in the Papadopoulos court documents. He was the only unnamed player still unidentified. This means that Miller was one of the top Trump advisors Papadopoulos was keeping posted on his efforts to set up meetings between Russian officials and Trump campaign officials, perhaps even (preposterous as it may seem) a meeting between Trump and Putin himself.

One noteworthy paragraph from the Times

The day before he learned about the hacked emails, Mr. Papadopoulos emailed Mr. Miller, then a senior policy adviser to the campaign, saying Mr. Trump had an “open invitation” from Mr. Putin to visit Russia. The day after, he wrote Mr. Miller that he had “some interesting messages coming in from Moscow about a trip when the time is right.”

more here from talking points memo

Ruh Roh!

Will He Or Won’t He?

With the indictments flowing like meth through a Palin and the Trump presidency circling the drain, Mikey has to be thinking about one thing a lot. Will he run for prez in 2020?
I guess it depends on whether he’s in the White House or the big house at the time …
My money is on “he won’t be available to run because some guy named Cletus just rented him out for 2 decks of smokes and a candy bar.” (oh please, please, please)


A Word From Mr. O.

absolutely my fave tweet of the day goes to Keith Olbermann …

although the otter was pretty good too …

p.s. turn up the otter!

♫♪ It’s starting to look a lot like Fascists … ♪♫

CNBC is reporting:

Rupert Murdoch twice discussed CNN with AT&T CEO: Report

Time Warner’s Rupert Murdoch called AT&T’s Randall Stephenson twice within the last six months.
One source said Murdoch offered to purchase CNN both times.

Ars Technica has this:

Trump’s DOJ wants AT&T/Time Warner to sell CNN or DirecTV before merger

The Trump administration is asking AT&T and Time Warner Inc. to sell off either CNN or DirecTV in order to win government approval of their merger, multiple news outlets reported today. AT&T has owned DirecTV since 2015 and is now seeking federal approval to purchase Time Warner Inc., the owner of programming such as HBO, CNN, and Warner Bros.

Plus, we’ve had Hair Furor hating on CNN forever, which I’m sure has nothing at all to do with his friendship with Murdoch. And there’s just no way that any of this is related to the whole Sinclair News deal that rolling along with no questions asked … hmm …

ahh, okay, now this all makes sense ….  “♫♪ It’s starting to look a lot like Fascists, Everywhere I go …♫♪”