Oh Noooes! Government Flesh Eating Robots!

Rick Wiles: The Government Is ‘Going To Send A Robot To Your House To Eat You For Lunch’

Wiles and Steve Quayle, who is a frequent guest on his program, spent nearly two hours discussing the existence of giants, the prevalence of cannibalism and the looming Tribulation, with Wiles at one point warning that “the hatred of Christians will become so great in the Last Days that people will be encouraged to kill and eat them.”

To this end, Wiles cited a 2009 Wired magazine article that reported that a company was working on developing robots that could refuel themselves by ingesting biomass from the environment. Despite the fact that the company itself stated that the robots would rely on plant matter, Wiles remains convinced that they will in fact fuel themselves by feasting on human flesh.

“Our military is developing an army of human flesh-eating robots,” Wiles warned. “If you do not conform to the requirements of this new society, they’re going to send a robot to your house to eat you for lunch. That may sound extremely radical, but that’s where they’re taking it. They will reduce the human population. You will conform!”   By Kyle Mantyla

Of Course …

Republicans lost big on healthcare — but forgot to cancel TV ads celebrating Obamacare repeal
Gotta love it though, like 1 huge, late slap … couldn’t happen to a nicer buncha guys …

Republican leaders had seven long years to come up with a viable alternative to Obamacare, but instead, they offered a shit sandwich, one which the alleged president strongly endorsed. So, Trump suffered a stunning political defeat after he could not manage to garner support from his own party, and with ‘repeal and replace Obamacare’ being a major 2016 election campaign promise, Trump and his allies were humiliated on Friday.

Then something happened to humiliate them further.

Pre-bought ads produced by the conservative American Action Network PAC aired which praised Republicans for repealing Obamacare were displayed on local TV stations during Friday night games in what can be described as the worse case of premature adjaculation ever. They bought the ads in advance, meaning, they were so sure Obamacare would be replaced. Foiled AGAIN!

The repeal never happened, though.

“Republicans are keeping their promise with a new plan for better health care,” a voice-over says in the ad, which displays pictures of smiling doctors and patients as upbeat rock music booms in the background, the Daily News reports.

The ads urged constituents to thank their Republican congressmen and women for “keeping” their promises and “replacing the Affordable Care Act with the better health care you deserve.”

Watch one of the ads (comments were disabled under the video):

from: Raw Story

just d-bags being d-bags … lol

WINNING! … Oops …

Petulant of the United States, Bad Touch Donnie, seen here heading off to his Virginia Golf Club hideout for some golfing and crying after his epic fail at health care ‘Repeal and Revenge’

Petulant of the United States, Donnie Bad Touch, the Velveeta Raccoon took to Twitter this morning to point out to the American public that he is still that same petulant, pouting, unaware and uncaring prick that he’s always been, even after a fail of absolutely epic proportions with his Trumpcare revenge/healthcare plan – and on a world-wide stage to boot – way to go big fella!
He let the people know that unless you voted for him and have pledged your undying and unwavering support, then, well, “fuck you, get sick and die for all I care!” and also reminded everyone that political and personal gain is ALL that EVER matters to him.
Then he went straight back to what has always worked for him when talking about pretty much any subject before, and lied like a fucking sidewalk. Plus way to go asshole!, now everyone knows what a failed ‘negotiator’ and ‘closer’ you really are.
Let’s see how that first few weeks has gone for  the guy who promised so much WINNING! he made Charlie Sheen look like a “Winning!” wannabe’:
Muslim Ban 1.0 – FAILED
The Wall and Mexico paying for it – FAIL, granny and you are gonna pay for that lie.
Shoring up the country’s standing with its allies – FAIL (see: Australia, France, Canada, Germany, England, Sweden, China, Taiwan, Ireland, Scotland, ALL of NATO, etc.)
And the shit with North Korea, Iran, Iraq, Syria and Yemen –yup, FAIL
The ‘Yemen Raid’ – FAIL
Obamacare “Repeal and Revenge” – FAIL
Making sure that as President the buck truly does stop at his desk and he accepts responsibility, for anything, anything at all, just one fucking time – FAIL, the buck doesn’t even slow down anywhere near his neighborhood, never mind stop at his desk.
Then there’s the constant warring with the media, the intelligence community, the Military, the almost homo-erotic Obama obsession, the Hillary and Bill obsession, his bigotry, homophobia, and racism, his complete and utter ignorance of how government works (like seriously, this kid is at about a grade 3 civics class level – maybe Betsy Devos can get him into a nice home-skoolin’ situation, with an extra emphasis on the Jeebus), and his lack of empathy for ANYONE but himself, in ANY and ALL situations.
FAIL, FAIL, FAIL, FAIL, FAIL! and i haven’t even touched on all the FBI/CIA/NSA/Russia/Trump treasonous shit yet.  <sigh> …
I guess this whole ‘elect a reality TV wannabe who has no experience at anything but bankruptcies, failed relationships and scamming others’ wasn’t maybe the best idea.
I don’t know about the rest of you, but all this “winning” is wearing me the fuck out.

And ya’ gotta figure that the White House itself must be a clusterfuck tire-fire at the moment, what with all that “winning” they’ve all been doing. I’m betting $20 against a hole in a donut that the walls there are seeming to close in on the crew in that building. After all, the news is not looking good for any of the current critters and assorted sycophants who have taken over 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. And things are not likely to improve in the foreseeable future, either for ANY of the GOPsies, Trumps and thieves we’ve come to know as ‘The Trump Administration’. Staffers and transition team workers are probably suddenly spending an inordinate amount of time searching Google for things like:
“factory reset iPhone”
“data wiping app”
“how to permanently delete Tweets”
”removing Dorito dust, KFC grease and spray tan from furniture”
”how do light switches work”
”international flight info”
”how to make fake I.D.’s”
”USD to Russian Rubles conversion rates”
”legal definition of treason”
”golden shower rates in Moscow”
”how do you say “I’m gonna grab yer’ pussy” in Russian?”
Stuff like that.
The tension is almost certainly rising faster than tempers at a liquored up Palin family reunion right now.
(like there’s a sober version of that shit show. WTF was I thinking? lol, sorry)

NEXT UP: ‘The Great Tax Reform Act Fail of 2017”, followed by the “Immigration Reform Disaster Bill of 2018” and “The Impeachment Diaries”
Can’t wait!

Abramson Thread


So, this shows up …
It’s a pretty interesting read …
This shit is starting to feel like some kind of B grade Eastern European spy movie …
In an amazing twitter thread this evening, columnist and reporter Seth Abramson (Huffington Post, Dallas Morning News, Seattle Times, Washington Post) laid out details on the Russia-Trump connection. And, if true, this is impeachment territory, and imprisonment territory, for some of the highest officials in the United States government.
The entire thread is absolutely worth the read …

Dear MAGA Kiddies;

Dear MAGA Kiddies, and other delusional deplorables;
(Sorry there’s no pictures, maybe you could get someone to read this to you.)

1. Mexico is NOT now, NOT EVER, going to pay for ‘the Wall’’.’

2. Trump is NOT refusing his salary. He’s actually going to use it in another one of his fake donation scams at the end of the year.

3. Your healthcare will cost MORE, AND cover LESS. Period.

4. President Obama did NOT “tapp” Trump’s phones.

5. Your taxes are NOT getting cut. Unless you are part of the top .01% of earners in America.

6. His inaugural crowd was NOT larger the President Obama’s. Not even remotely close.

7. He’s NOT “draining the swamp,” He’s filling it to the brim with his billionaire buddies and Russian sympathizers.

8. 3-5 million votes were NOT illegally cast for Hillary.

9. He apparently did NOT have a plan to defeat ISIS in 30 days. Or, any other amount of time.

10. Just because you do not like what the media is reporting does NOT make it ‘fake news’. For real fake news try googling “things Trump says” or “Kellyanne Conway quote of the day.”

11. Sean Sphincter has absolutely NO clue what he’s doing, just like his boss.

12.  Trump said he predicted the so-called “Brexit” when he was in Scotland the day before the vote. He was actually there the day after the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union.

13. Trump claimed The New York Times lost subscribers “because their readers even like me.” The Times experienced a sharp uptick in subscribers after Election Day.

14.  Trump took credit for cutting $600 million from the F-35 program. But Lockheed Martin already had planned for the cost reductions for the next generation fighter plane.

15. Trump complained he “inherited a mess” upon being elected to office. The stock market actually was experiencing record highs, the economy was stable and growing at record rates, and unemployment was lower than at anytime in a decade.

16. The Bowling Green Massacre, Swedish terror attacks, ‘alternative facts’ and microwave oven cameras.  <<< These.

Shall I continue?
Yeah, I thought not.

2 Fat 2 Furious – Healthcare Update

2 fat 2 furious
Donald Dump, Petulant of the United States seen here backing the bus up over Paul Ryan after tossing him under it over their Trump/Ryancare ‘Repeal & Revenge’ fail.

As far as as Donnie Bad Touch is concerned. it’s obviously everyone else’s fault because Trump was too checked out to have an opinion and too ignorant to know this all might be difficult, but hey, at least he cares so little that losing won’t feel like losing as long as he can blame someone else.
It’s what grifters do.

Big Failing Deal

Paul Ryan, Louse Speaker, seen here entering the White House to tell Trump that they won’t be able to kill healthcare for tens of millions of Americans today.

President Donald Trump promised over and over again on the campaign trail that he would repeal and replace Obamacare, repeatedly denigrating the health care measure with his usual lies and bullshit while failing to put forward his own plan. He promised that whatever it was, Trumpcare would be “cheaper, better and cover everyone.” The Congressional Budget Office however, found that the GOP/Trumpster-fire plan would cause at least 24 million Americans to lose insurance by cutting tax credits that make insurance less expensive. It also showed that the Trumpcare proposal would add enormous amounts to the country’s deficit over the next decade.
As the president and Speaker Ryan peddled their widely unpopular and amateur-hour bill forward, however, it became clear that many members of the Freedom Caucus would not vote for the measure. To try to entice Freedom Caucus members, the president negotiated directly with them to cut out requirements that insurance plans cover essential benefits, including among other cuts, care for things like maternity, mental illness, pediatrics, addiction, hospitalization, emergency room visits and prescription drugs.
Apparently that wasn’t a cruel enough blow to the public for the Freedumb Cocks, so, as far as they’re concerned, bye bye bill!
At least now it’s looking like the Velveeta Raccoon can just say fuck you to Paul Lyin’, blame everything on Ryan, Obama, the Dems and anyone else he can think of, and then just move on to giving ginormous, bigly, beautiful tax breaks to all his billionaire buddies, and destroying the government/country … you know, his original plan.
And just in time for the apricot asshole to grab a flight to Florida for his regularly scheduled weekend golf break. Phew! Thought he might have to actually work on a weekend. Can’t have that.

cc: Paul ‘Coward of the County’ Ryan

Dear Mom,
You won’t comprehend this because you have Stage 6 Dementia, but things need to change. The nice congressmen in Washington want to free us from government dependency so we can make better healthcare choices without the stigma of taking handouts from society.
So, Mom, about your Medicaid Aged and Disabled Waiver that pays me a 40 hr/week pittance to care for you at home 24/7: the new HHS Secretary and Medicaid Chief sent our Governor a letter that says people on Medicaid should seek employment if they want to keep those benefits. This may sound unfair considering you’re 89, bladder and bowel incontinent, unable to walk unassisted, and often lapse into episodes of uncontrollable whimpering, but if the government decides it’s for the best, we’ll all need to buck up and contribute our fair share. After all, your 50 year nursing career doesn’t necessarily entitle you to a free ride.
I’ll probably need to get a “real” job too, because I exploit the system. Never mind that your care would cost the state $78,000 annually in a nursing home versus the $16,000 it pays me; leave the math to those smart fellas in Washington who understand that big government should stop controlling our lives. The important thing is we’ll have freedom to choose, and not impose an unfair tax burden on millionaires and the medical industrial complex.
Once I stop taking handouts, I won’t be home with you. We should bolster the economy by hiring attendant care, but it costs more than I can earn, and Medicare won’t cover it because those warmhearted legislators support family values like looking after our own. You’ll enjoy being home alone all day, Mom. You don’t really need regular meals or clean Depends, and when you have one of your falls, you can rest quietly on the floor in a puddle of urine until I get off work. Those dear congressmen give us other options, too, such as permanently placing you in a facility to die more quickly and efficiently. Here’s another choice: I could stay home and attend you for free! We’ll do fine on your Social Security income by sacrificing a few luxuries like groceries, property taxes, electricity, and the car.
There’s a bonus, Mom. I won’t be forced to maintain health insurance! Remember “Obamacare” that saved my life through early cancer screening? The Republicans devised a better plan. Because I’m over 50 and earn $150 per year above the Medicaid cutoff, my annual premium will increase by roughly $6,000, but I can choose to opt out! I’ll still have “access” but not be victimized by the enslaving tax subsidy that let me afford coverage for the first time in 25 years. I’m excited about returning to indigent emergency room treatment and boosting insurance industry profits while taxpayers shoulder the cost instead.
With so many great options it’s hard to decide, but here’s our new plan, Mom. Under Trumpcare, I’ll “choose” to lose health coverage, seek a minimum wage job, and dump you in a nursing home. Between the cost of facility care, a couple of ER visits and perhaps one minor surgery for me per year, and the food stamps and heating assistance I’ll need once you and your Social Security income leave the household, I estimate we will save the government roughly NEGATIVE $350,000 over the next 5 years! Multiply that by the millions of people who will lose coverage, and you can appreciate what a sensible and economical plan the Republicans have devised.
You’ll be proud to receive depersonalized institutional care instead of burdening society in comfort with your family. The facility gets your Social Security check, and Medicare/Medicaid will cover the balance until you hit the newly proposed block grant funding cap. If you’re still alive then, we’re unsure what will happen, but we can trust Congress to do what’s right. I hear they’re formulating a plan to ship the poor, elderly, and chronically ill to arctic ice floes. It’s called “Trump Tower North: the Last Resort.” You might even get to see polar bears before they become extinct! Won’t that be fun?
I’m so happy that the government wants to stop interfering in our lives.
Your Freeloading Daughter
P.S. Mom, if you do need a job to keep that Medicaid, I thought of a placement for someone who can’t function productively, has no grasp of reality, and relies on government entitlements. 435 congressional seats will open up next year. You appear to be perfectly qualified.

from kos

The Steele Dossier

As the smell of treason fills the air, one document keeps popping up.
It is known as the Steele Dossier after the British Intelligence Agent who compiled it …
It was originally commissioned by an unknown GOP operative to be used as “opposition research” during the 2016 GOP primaries …

The Steele Dossier – What is it?
In January, BuzzFeed News published an intelligence dossier developed by a former British MI6 intelligence officer who was deemed credible by U.S. intelligence officials. The dossier raises profoundly disturbing questions about whether there was improper contact between the Trump campaign and the Russian government and about the existence of compromising personal and financial information about Donald Trump. At the time BuzzFeed published the dossier, it acknowledged that the allegations it contained were “unverified” and that the document contained “some clear errors.”
BuzzFeed’s decision to publish the dossier has itself attracted a lot of attention. The dossier is part of ongoing lawsuits filed by parties named in the dossier and may be part of congressional investigations.
Since publishing the dossier, reports indicate that the dossier is “gaining credibility among law enforcement,” with U.S. investigators having “corroborated some of the communications” detailed in the document. The potential danger of the allegations the dossier contains, if true, demands a thorough and independent investigation—an investigation that Republicans in Congress have so far refused to carry out.

A full, largely un-redacted copy in pdf form may be found/downloaded HERE …

A Year Later …

HB2 One Year Later: NC GOP Leadership Refuse to Allow Clean Up or Down Vote on Full HB2 Repeal

From: HRC
Today, HRC and Equality North Carolina slammed North Carolina’s Republican leadership for their continued refusal to allow a clean up or down vote on the full repeal of HB2. Signed into law a year ago tomorrow by former Governor Pat McCrory — who lost his bid for re-election over that unconscionable decision — HB2 has cost the state hundreds of millions of dollars and continues to inflict profound harm on North Carolina’s people, reputation, and economy.

HRC and Equality North Carolina also released a new video taking a look back over the past year and the very real harm HB2 has caused. The video makes clear that North Carolina cannot afford one more day of the deeply discriminatory law.

“It’s now a full year since HB2 was signed into law, and the shameful political gamesmanship we’re seeing from North Carolina’s GOP leadership is beyond the pale,” said HRC President Chad Griffin. “Instead of taking meaningful action, North Carolina’s Republican leadership has given excuse after excuse as to why they can’t allow a clean up or down vote. To be clear, their reckless obstructionism makes them directly responsible for the continued harm inflicted on the state. No more excuses. Republican leadership must immediately allow a clean vote on HB2 repeal.”

“A year after the initial passage of the worst anti-LGBTQ bill in the nation, HB2 continues to hurt the economy, reputation, and people of our state every single day,” said Chris Sgro, Executive Director of Equality North Carolina. “It is baffling and saddening that Tim Moore and Phil Berger have refused to step up and provide real leadership by finally fully repealing HB2. I hear from lesbian, gay, bisexual, and especially transgender North Carolinians every day who face discrimination and potential violence because of this law. The state can’t afford another day with it on the books — our leaders must commit to full repeal right now. Only then can North Carolina’s reputation — and economy — be fixed.”

Over the past year, instead of repealing HB2, North Carolina politicians have passed legislation that is shamefully trivial and frivolous in comparison to the urgent need to repeal HB2. For example, North Carolina lawmakers:

Passed HB 469, which altered the way the town of Sunset Beach could use money earned from on-street parking meters.

Passed HB 292, “an act to require a license to operate a beach bingo game…”

Passed SB 132, “an act to establish a season for trapping foxes in Carteret County.”

Introduced SB 303, which increase the penalty of traveling under the speed limit when “operating a motor vehicle in the leftmost travel lane of a controlled-access or partially controlled-access highway”

Filed SB 313, “an act to increase the number of barrels of malt beverages a small brewery may self-distribute.”

Meanwhile, the people, reputation, and economy of North Carolina have continued to suffer very real harm caused by HB2. Here’s just a snapshot of the overwhelming outcry over the past year:

Over 200 major business leaders, from Apple to Zola, signed an open letter to NC Gov. Pat McCrory opposing HB2, because discrimination is bad for business. The letter was first announced on March 29, 2016, when it was hand-delivered to Pat McCrory by HRC President Chad Griffin, Equality NC Executive Director Chris Sgro and transgender advocate Candis Cox.

On April 5, 2016, PayPal CEO Dan Schulman announced that the company will seek an alternative location for its new “global operations center.” PayPal’s investment was expected to bring 400 skilled jobs to North Carolina, with an annual payroll impact of more than $20 million. In its statement, Schulman said, “The new law perpetuates discrimination and it violates the values and principles that are at the core of PayPal’s mission and culture.”

On April 8, 2016 Bruce Springsteen cancelled his concert in North Carolina over HB2, saying, “Some things are more important than a rock show and this fight against prejudice and bigotry — which is happening as I write — is one of them. It is the strongest means I have for raising my voice in opposition to those who continue to push us backwards instead of forwards.”

On May 4, 2016, the U.S. Department of Justice determined North Carolina’s discriminatory HB 2 violates federal civil rights law, including Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Title IX of the Education Amendments Act of 1972. At a press conference on May 9, Attorney General Loretta Lynch spoke directly to the transgender community, saying “We see you. We stand with you, and we will do everything we can to protect you going forward.”

On July 21, 2016, the NBA decided to stand up to North Carolina lawmakers who refused to repeal HB2 by pulling its 2017 All-Star Game from Charlotte, NC. Despite the NBA’s repeated warnings that it would have to consider moving the high-profile game out of the state if the anti-LGBTQ law was not repealed, the state’s General Assembly shamefully adjourned after 100 days of inaction.

In North Carolina, basketball is king — but that didn’t stop the NCAA from standing up for their LGBTQ players, employees and fans by vowing to move tournament events from the state because of HB2. The NCAA announced that they would move all 2016-2017 championship games out of the state on September 12, 2016.

On Election Day, NC Governor Pat McCrory, who signed HB2 into law, was defeated at the ballot box — the only incumbent governor from either party to lose on Election Day. Polling by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research showed that HB2 was the most cited issue leading to McCrory’s defeat in those who voted against McCrory.

In February, the North Carolina Sports Association sent a letter to lawmakers warning of a loss of NCAA championship games through 2022 if HB2 is not immediately repealed. In the letter, the sports association warned that the NCAA decision could cost the state at least another half a billion dollars in economic activity when other sports organizations follow the NCAA’s lead in moving events out of the state. In November 2016, Forbes estimated that the state had already lost hundreds of millions of dollars due to HB2.

In March, the Greensboro Coliseum Complex reveals it has lost $23.5 million in revenue from various championships and conventions because of HB2.

and yet, here we are, still …