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GOP to the rescue!!!!

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Dog Dies In Overhead Bin On United Flight
A family that flew on United Airlines Monday night is mourning their dog, after the pet died in an overhead bin — an arrangement that a flight attendant had reportedly insisted upon.

So, of course, it’s the GOP to the rescue!! … ta-daaa!!


Fuck me , I’m so sick of these assholes … One day after a dog dies in an overhead bin and the Republicans demand regulation that’ll prevent it from “ever happening again.”
Meanwhile, six years and 7,000 kids are dead from gun violence since Sandy Hook and Republicans refuse ANY regulation that’ll prevent it from happening again.
Just keep comin with those thoughts and prayers assholes … thoughts and prayers.

p.s John … kids are family too you soulless asshole!

So, congratulations John Kennedy, you tone deaf, empathy free old crank …
You are today’s recipient of the d-bag apocalypse outstanding performer! award.
Way to go asshole, way to git ‘r’ done!

This one’s for you pal. ..
hip is everything salute

House GOP: Japan did not meddle in Pearl Harbor

A GOP member of the Intelligence Committee said that while there were Japanese bombers in the vicinity of Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, their role in the attack there has been “blown out of proportion.”

“After an exhaustive investigation, we have come to the conclusion that there was no attempt by the Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service to influence the outcome of …
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Character is about what you do when no one is watching

In the age of Trump, we all need to remember what is real, what really matters, what empathy looks like.
What truly makes America great.

Joe Biden took his granddaughter to the movies in Georgetown last night.
On his way out he stopped to speak with a homeless man.
‘I’m not exactly sure what he gave the homeless man, but he appeared to write something down on a piece of paper inside the movie theater, which he then proceeded to give the homeless man outside,’ Caleb Baca, the man who took the picture, told the news station.
A bystander took this candid shot.
Character is about what you do when no one is watching.


Heel Rex, heel! … Tillerson sent packing.

Well, ya’ knew it was coming soon …
the Velveeta Raccoon is running outta people he can blame and fire, so …
Today’s winner of “distraction in the action” is …………

Drum roll please …

The man with no plan, the host who’s a ghost, the moron whisperer himself …
Vladdy’s main man in D.C. (well other than Cuck McCheeto) …
and the latest man fired by a Trump underling because the “YOU’RE FIRED!! man is too much of a coward to make that call himself …

Rex Tillerson!

Trump Fires Rex Tillerson on Twitter without telling him personally





Today in America

from Facebook today …

Today in school we practiced our active shooter lockdown. One of my first graders was scared and I had to hold him. Today is his birthday. He kept whispering “When will it be over?” into my ear. I kept responding “Soon” as I rocked him and tried to keep his birthday crown from stabbing me.
I had a mix of 1-5 graders in my classroom because we have a million tests that need to be taken. My fifth grader patted the back of the 2nd grader huddled next to him under a table. A 3rd grade girl cried silently and clutched the hand of her friend. The rest of the kids sat quietly (casket quiet) and stared aimlessly in the dark.
As the”intruder” tried to break into our room twice, several of them jumped, but remained silently. The 1st grader in my lap began to pant and his heart was beating out of his chest, but he didn’t make a peep. Eventually, the principal announced the lockdown was lifted.
I turned on the lights, removed the table from in front of the door, opened the blinds and announced “Let’s get back to work. ” I was greeted with blank faces… petrified faces…. tear stained faces… confused faces… elated faces…and one “bitch REALLY?” face.
This is teaching in 2018. And no… I don’t want a gun. #teacherlyfe

This is Trump and the GOP’s America … really America?

Captain Bonespurs and the Raindrops


To be fair to Bad Touch Donnie, he is offering to go into a dangerous situation unarmed. We should probably be more encouraging and supportive.
Then again, after all we’ve seen from this gasbag loser, he more than likely would have put on a dress to escape the Titanic.
Gotta protect that hair and the daily spray tan because as we all know, even a couple of drops of water and he’s back in the shop for a rework. And that’s hours of his ‘executive time’ wasted. That means someone’s gonna miss out on at least a good chunk of Faux and Fiends, so there’s that.

Private Bonespurs to the rescue

I’m calling B.S. on this one …

Donald Trump was unable to serve his country during the Vietnam War due to his crippling bone spurs. He has spent his life since then proclaiming his love of the military that his affliction prevented him from joining (or sometimes using his love of the military as political cover). Today, Trump told a meeting of governors he would have stopped the Parkland school shooting had he been an officer on the scene. Indeed, he would have charged the shooter if he had no weapon: “I really believe I’d run in there even if I didn’t have a weapon.”

Right, Private Bonespurs is all over the being a hero thing.
The guy who makes his living talking shit on the Internet, and running away EVERY time anyone (other than a child or a woman) calls him on it.
Remember, this is the same guy who ran off the stage at one of his rallies and claimed his life was threatened by a guy with a cardboard sign, was startled by a kid in a dinosaur Halloween costume and was terrified by a tethered eagle flapping its wings.
Fuck me Mabel, is this when Rod Serling walks in and intros this week’s episode of Twilight Zone?
That kid just ain’t right in the head. Period.

And now … this …

Trump: “Arm the teachers!”

Trump reiterates call to arm teachers, saying they would’ve ‘shot the hell out of’ the Florida gunman

White House indicates it could find funds to train and arm 1 million teachers

and now, this …

Utah teacher shoots herself in leg after bringing gun to school
A Utah teacher is reportedly in good condition at a hospital after shooting herself in the leg this week with a gun she brought inside Westbrook High School.
Michelle Ferguson-Montgomery, a sixth-grade teacher, was inside the school’s faculty bathroom on Thursday morning when the firearm discharged. According to KUTV, the incident happened prior to school starting.
Ferguson-Montgomery is a 17-year veteran of the school district and holds a concealed carry permit, according to a school spokesman.

So, fuck you Donald Trump, fuck you Wayne Lapierre, fuck you Dana Loesch (the REAL crisis actor in this never-ending horror story), and fuck the NRA and anyone who supports it going forward. The blood of our children, our brothers and sisters and our friends and neighbors is on your hands, and while you may crawl into your gilded beds tonight and forget all this, history will not.

and in a related matter …