Death hits the road.

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WASHINGTON  Acting president Dim Donnie Scump today announced the start of the final leg of his Covid-19 super-spreader tour. He will be doing 3 shows a day until either he falls over dead or election day, whichever comes first. Please, no betting. As well, he plans to make as many appearances on Cucker KKKarlson, Screamin’ Jeanie Pierro and Hannity the Manatee’s shows as possible. God willin’ and Adderall supply stays steady and it should be all ahead full!

NOT Fake News …


The acting president off the Divided States of ‘Murica, Dongald J Scump, Impeached,  announced, just hours after his latest ass-kicking in the second and final debate of the presidential election season, yet ANOTHER fake middle east peace deal.
And a big shout out to renowned liar and Israeli criminal defendant Benjy Totalyahoo for his complicity in this latest gaslighting from the Whiter House®. Way to slurp that ‘shroom Benjy! Just one friend trying desperately to stay outta jail trying to help a fellow grifter and traitor stay outta jail, right?
Awwww… how sweet!
Here comes that Noble, Donnie! I can smell it!


BREAKING … Rat wanders willingly into trap.

and that “someone” is none other than Rudy 911iani, main fluffer to acting president Scump!

and by the way … Keith’s back!
<very happy dance takes place …>
<I know, he’s been back a long time, but, hey it’s been crazy ya’ know/>

So, Imma just let Keith take this one …

Worst Person In The World by Keith Olbermann #11:
Rudy Caught With His Borat Hanging Out

Dafuq NBC????


Really NBC?
You schedule the Velveeta Raccoon straight up against the Biden town hall on CBS?
You reward the acting president for his “I’m not debating” tantrum by giving him an hour to spew hate, lies and propaganda?
Fuck you NBC!
Now, granted, that’s just my own personal opinion, and hey, do with it whatever the hell ya’ will. I just happen to think that a few bucks got in the way of you seeing that you are doing the exact same shit that put this inept, dangerous, know-nothing, low0life, grifting motherfucker in the White House to start with, and, I happen to believe that an awful lot of your potentially former’ audience thinks so too.
I believe.complicit is the word.
So, obviously, fuck you!

And, can we finally be rid of the ever condescending and ‘shroom slurping Cuck Todd? Send him packing and he can scamper over to Faux Noise where he belongs.